TS Transco Payslip Download Online for Employee Pay

TS Transco payslip can download online simply on login to web portal. Print or download required month TS Transco salary slip at any time in online…

In Telangana, the Transco is well known as the Transmission Corporation of Telangana Limited functioning with thousands of employees. Around the state, TS Transco is solely responsible for the maintenance, provision and supply of Electricity all across the state.

If you are an employee of Telangana Transco department, then this guide is the best fit for you. Here we will be discussing how you can download your employee TS Transco payslip from their online portal.

But before you continue on to the below process, please ensure that you have already created your TS Transco Employee Login account. So, go through the process, if your account is in active status.

It is important to understand that the Telangana state after the formation in 2014 has created this TS Transco as a new entity that has emerged to expand and advent our state’s electricity.

Getting an employee payslip can be important for anyone. This TS Transco payslip comes in handy for applying for loans, EMI, or the creation of different government-based accounts as well.

So the employee may follow the below instructions. Now all the payslips turn towards their employee portals and then hardly with any offline method. Let’s check the download process provided step by step by 99employee.com.

TS Transco Payslip Download Online

  1. Open TS Transco website at https://www.tstransco.in/
  2. Click on the Login – Register button under the Home button
  3. Under Employee login, first enter the username, password, and the captcha code from the image
  4. Click on the Login button
  5. Tap on Employee Operations in your TSTransco account from the top menu
  6. Select Employee Payslip
  7. Enter the employee code along with the month and year for which you need to download the payslip for
  8. Click on the Submit button to download your TS Transco employee payslip easily
  1. I cannot download my TS Transco employee payslip for current month?

    In case if you are logged in and are not able to download the TS Transco salary slip from your employee account then you need to check if the payslip has been generated by your office first. Check what happens generally is, during the second week of the month, the previous month’s salary slip or the payslip is generated into the platform. At the same time, you cannot download the current months’ payslip since it has not been made yet.

  2. I cannot access the TS Transco employee account due to a username issue?

    If it’s your first time then you will face this issue where the account will not be able to login or you cannot even create your account it is so because your username is your employee ID code that your department has already provided you while joining the work.