TSTRANSCO Pensioner Form 16 Download Online with PPO / PAN

Now TSTransco pensioner form 16 can download online using PPO / PAN or pensioner ID allotted, Check the step-by-step process to download Telangana Transmission Corporation Limited pensioner form 16…

Most of the time Pensioners might have issues understanding where to find the Form 16 for Transmission Corporation of Telangana Ltd and that can be easily routed through this article where we have instructed in simple steps on how to use their official platform to get TSTransco Pensioner Form 16.

But there’s a catch that you will need to have your Pensioner number with yourself. Since you already know the Form 16 is to be proposed by the company or the pension office that has been providing you with the income so that at the financial year you can use this to submit to the Income Tax Department for tax filing purposes.

To ensure that the respective form 16 of all the retired employees are safeguarded the download process requires the pensioner’s number and a few steps to be followed, and below are the instructions that you need to follow step by step to download the Transmission Corporation pensions form 16 for yourself.

TSTRANSCO Pensioner Form 16 Download Online

  1. Open the Telangana Transmission Corporation Pensioners form download webpage from https://apps.tstransco.in/trapp/
  2. Enter your PPO number or PAN Card or else your Pensioner ID in the first box
  3. Enter the captcha from the image shown
  4. Click on the Download button
  5. Form 16 will open on a new page in PDF format
  6. Click on the download or save as button to download this form 16 finally.
  1. How to download Telangana Transmission corporation pensioner form 16 without Pensioner ID?

    If you do not have your Pensioner ID then you can use either your PPO number which is the Pension Payment Order number or else use the PAN Card to download form 16 without any problem.

  2. Can I get Form 16 under the Family Pensioners scheme?

    No, if you have opted for the Family Pensioner scheme then you are not eligible to get Form 16, and this form is only for normal pensioner of Telangana transmission corporation limited or TSTRANSCO and even pensioners who are not eligible or fall under the Income Tax Limits cannot download this form.