Sewayojan for Rojgar Sangam Registration / Login at

Sewayojan by the Rojgar Sangam in Uttar Pradesh is launched in order to help provide employers and job seekers with opportunities to find talent and work as required.

In this article we will learn about Sewayojan portal and how it can help both employers and job seekers to find best opportunities for each. Importantly, we will cover Sewayojan job seekers registration, login and how job seekers can apply for jobs online as well. 


If you are a job seeker in Uttar Pradesh, then you should find it easy to apply for all the jobs from a single portal because Sewayojan portal has all the government jobs in one place that you can select from by filtering and then apply to the one you need.

All job seekers can apply online at any time for free, plus you can apply for job email notification to receive constant updates whenever a new job is posted on the portal. You can follow the steps below to learn how you can apply for job seeker registration for Sewayojan portal.

Sewayojan Registration

  1. Open the Sewayojan job seekers registration portal at
  2. Under Sign Up option select as Job Seeker, then fill the details like Name, Number, Email, User ID, Password and Repeat Password
  3. Enter the captcha from the image
  4. Once the details are entered, then click on the submit button 

Sewayojan Login

Once you have completed your registration process, then you should also understand the process required to access the Sewayojan platform and in order to do so follow the below Sewayojan job seekers login process.

  1. Open the Sewayojan job seekers login link from
  2. Select Job Seeker option, then enter your User ID and Password
  3. Next enter the captcha from the image and click on the Submit button to login.

How to apply for Jobs on Sewayojan Rojgar Sangam Portal for Uttar Pradesh

Once you learn the login process after registering your account, then you can go ahead and understand from the below steps required to apply for a job on Sewayojan Rojgar Sangam portal.

  1. Open the Sewayojan Rojgar Sangam portal from
  2. Login with your account and then click on Government Jobs or Private Jobs/ Government Jobs link from the menu
  3. Under either the job menu link page, select the filter and click on search button
  4. Once you find a job that you like, then click on the apply button and you have now applied for the job.

Depending on the job you would need to provide more details, documents and will receive notification once applied about further status of your job application.

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Do Job seekers need to upload any documents for Sewayojan registration?

You do not need to upload any documents before registration and only when applying to a job as per the requirement you will need to fill in any more details or provide documents by uploading.   

What is Rojgar Sangam?

Rojgar Sangam is the name of the Sewayojan portal for Uttar Pradesh where employers and job seekers can connect to find employees and employers.

Can I apply for jobs for free on Sewayojan Rojgar Sangam?

Yes, there is no additional fee for job application but it depends on the jobs as well if there are any fees to be paid earlier to the job process. You will be able to find that information in the job description before applying for the job to be sure on any fee to be paid in or before advance.