RBC Credit Score Now View with Ranges to Build Good Score

The RBC Credit Score is a crucial numerical value that determines your eligibility for borrowing money in Canada. It is calculated based on your credit utilization, payment history, account history, and credit application status. RBC is among the largest banks in Canada and prides itself on providing exceptional services.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable lending institution, RBC should be high on your list. Do you have a clear understanding of what a credit score is, Just check now.

RBC Credit Score

The credit score is based on the grading system. Let us know which Transunion credit score stands for what

RBC Score Range% of ScoreScore TypeDetails
781 – 85074 – 100Excellent Credit Scorechance of getting financial services or loans at a cheaper interest rate
720 – 78052 – 73Good Credit Scorechances of getting a loan or other financial service are very high
658 – 71935 – 51Moderate
601 – 65722 – 31Poor Credit Scorehave to face various barriers while applying for loans or other finance-related services
300 – 6001 – 21Failing Credit Scoreyou are not eligible for any kind of credit score.
RBC Credit Score

How to Check Credit Score RBC

Checking your bank’s credit score has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can access valuable information about the financial health of your bank. In order to help you get started, I will provide you with a few detailed ways to check your credit score.

Credit Score RBC in Online banking

  1. Log in to the RBC online banking account.
  2. Click ‘My Services’.
  3. Select View Your Credit Score.
  4. View disclaimer
  5. Review agreement policy
  6. Click I Accept and Continue
  7. Click Continue
  8. Credit scores displayed on the dashboard containing vital information like – credit cards, credit reports, and mortgages.

Check Credit Score Royal Bank of Canada through Fintech Companies

One can check the credit score through companies like Borrowell, Mogo, Equifax, Transunion, etc. These sites provide free-of-cost credit reports. The weekly credit reports can be downloaded through annualcreditreport.com.

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How Can We build a Good RBC Credit Score

There are some common ways in which you can build a good Credit score

  1. Reduce debts.
  2. Ask for credit (only when necessary).
  3. Reduce debts
  4. IF there is an error in the credit report, correct it.

Can Credit Score RBC App be checked through the mobile?

No, it is not supported as of now. Anyhow, you can view it by logging in to the web version of it.

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What is the accuracy of the RBC score?

As the credit score is formulated as per TransUnion’s CreditVision Risk Score, it is considered to be accurate.

How to access more information about the Royal Bank credit score?

You can access it online by searching on Google. Some of the links that might help you are

  • rbcroyalbank.com/dms/olb/credit-score/index.html
  • youtube.com/watch?v=mVFc0k1ilyc&t=21s
  • rbcroyalbank.com/ways-to-bank/tutorials/financial-advice/check-credit-score.html

What is the lowest and highest credit score in Canada?

The lowest credit score is about 300 and the highest is 850.

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