Ration Card Helpline Number in Each State of India

Find Ration Card helpline of each state with in India which serves accurate information on Civil supplies department information as per Food Security Act…

Ration Card is a means to provide the grains, rice, wheat and other essential household items at a subsidy rate provided by Government of India. For this Ration card service, a dedicated helpline or customer care will help more to citizens on different queries or grievances.

The Ration Card scheme has been a successful one in India, which does help a lot of families to meet their minimum needs at the start of every month. Under this Food Security card, the scheme provide more benefits, such that one need not to spend a lot of money on monthly ration which indeed helps them in their little savings.

There are public distribution shops set up in every area by the collaboration of the central government and state government to provide the ration at a subsidy rate for the white Ration Card holders.

Ration Card helpline

Ration Card Helpline Number is 1967

Under the One Nation One Ration Card the government has dedicated INR 10 lakhs crore across India to meet the expenses which are met for these schemes. Government is spending a lot for the Ration Card holders, just to help them in their livelihood.

Ration Card Helpline Number State Wise Number

State / UTHelpline Number
Andhra Pradesh18004250082, 18004252977
Andaman & Nicobar Islands18003433197
Arunachal Pradesh
Dadra & Nagar Haveli18002334004, 104 (Toll Free)
Daman and Diu
Himachal Pradesh18001808026
Jammu & Kashmir18008007011 (Kashmir Province)
18001807106 (Jammu Province)
Madhya Pradesh181 (CM Helpline Toll Free)
Meghalaya18003453670, 9402327737 (WhatsApp)
Nagaland18003453704 18003453705
Orissa18003456724, 155335 (Sanjog Toll Free), 18003456760
Puducherry18004251082 (Puducherry), 18004251083 (Karaikal), 18004251084 (Mahe), 18004251085 (Yanam)
Tamil Nadu18004255901
Uttar Pradesh18001800150
Uttarakhand18001802000 18001804188
West Bengal18003455505

The beneficiaries of Ration Cards are more than 25 crores in India which is a large number and the respective state food security card portal stores their information individually.

The best part of the Ration Card is that anyone in any corner of the state can get the ration at a subsidy rate from any Food Supply Shop. There is no restriction to buy the ration at their locality, as the Ration Card is fully made available throughout the state. for more info, please visit nfsa.gov.in

How to report grievances for Ration Cards?

The Ration Card is controlled through Food Supply Office and there are dedicated portal launched for the Ration Card along with the Food Supply store. Thus, any individual having a complaint re-issued with the Ration Card service, can directly report to them or just move to the revenue office of their zone to lodge a complaint.

How many times a month can I get a subsidy with a Ration Card?

Ration Card service is only available once a month which is provided to meet the monthly expenses with a subsidy rate. Thus an individual family has to use their Ration Card only once a month and has to wait for next month to get their turn for a subsidy ration.

Is a Ration Card mandatory to link with an Aadhaar Card?

After the regulation of the implementation of Aadhaar Card in every state, it has been mandatory to link the Ration Card with the respective Andhra card numbers. Through these the ration is provided one the beneficiary receives the UIDAI OTP for verification. Thus without an Adjara card, the monthly subsidy will not be provided.

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