Puducherry Public Holidays for Bank in 2021 as per NI Act

In excerisce of the powers confered by the explanation to section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (No. XXVI of 1881), read with the notification of the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, SRO No.F.G.P.54/99636/701, date 31-12-1955, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Union territory of Puducherry hereby declares the undermentioned days in Calendar Year 2021 shall be Public Holidays for all Government Offices/Institutions under the control of the Government of Union territory of Puducherry for the purpose of that section.

Puducherry and Karaikal Regions

Sr.No Name Of the Bank Holiday Day Date
1 New Year’s Day Friday01-01-21
2 Pongal/Makara Sankranthi Thursday14-01-21
3 Thiruvalluvar Day/Mattu Pongal Friday15-01-21
4 Republic Day Tuesday 26-01-21
5Good FridayFriday02-04-21
6 Dr. Ambedkar’s Birthday/Tamil New Year’s Day/Vishu 1st Day Wednesday 14-04-21
7Ramzan (Id-ul-Fitr)* Friday 14-05-21
8 Bakrid (Id-ul-Alha)* Wednesday 21-07-21
9 De jure Transfer Day Monday 16-08-21
10 Vinayaga Chaturthi/Ganesha Chathurthi Friday 10-09-21
11Gandhi JayanthiSaturday02-10-21
12Mahanavami/Saraswathi Pooja/Ayudhya PoojaThursday14-10-21
11 Milda-Un-Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)* Tuesday19-10-21
12Puducherry Liberation DayMonday01-11-21
13 Deepavali Thursday4-11-21
14Christmas Saturday25-12-21

Mahe Region

Sr.No Name Of the Bank Holiday Day Date
1 New year’s Day Friday 01-01-21
2 Republic Day Tuesday26-01-21
3 Good Friday Friday 02-04-21
4 Vishu 1st Day/Dr. Ambedkar’s Birthday/Tamil New Year’s Day Wednesday14-04-21
5 Vishu 2nd Day Thursday 15-04-21
6 Ramzan (Id-ul-Fitr)* Thursday13-05-21
7 Bakrid(Id-ul-Alha) Tuesday 20-07-21
8De Ju Transfer Day Monday16-08-21
9Onam 1st Day Friday 20-08-21
10 Onam 2nd Day Saturday21-08-21
11 Gandhi Jayanthi Saturday 02-10-21
12Mahanavami/Saraswathi Pooja/Ayudha PoojaThursday14-10-21
13 St. Theresa Festival Friday15-10-21
14 Milad-Un-Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)* Tuesday 19-10-21
15Puducherry Liberation DayMonday01-11-21
16 Christmas Saturday 25-12-21

Yanam Region

Sr.No Name of the Bank Holiday Day Date
1 New Year ’s Day Friday 01-01-21
2 Pongal (Makara Sankaranthi) Thursday 14-01-21
3 Republic Day Tuesday 26-01-21
4Good FridayFriday02-04- 21
5Telugu New Year’s Day (Ugadi Festival) Tuesday 13-04-21
7 Tamil New Year’s Day/Vishu 1st Day/Dr. Ambedkar’s Birthday Wednesday 14-04-21
9 Ramzan (Id-ul-Fitr)* Friday 14-05-21
10 Bakrid(Id-ul-Alha)* Wednesday21-07-21
12 De Ju Transfer Day Monday16-08-21
14 Gandhi Jayanthi Friday 02-10-21
Mahanavami/Saraswathi Pooja/Ayudhya PoojaThursday14-10-21
15 Milad-Un-Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)* Tuesday 19-10-21
Puducherry Liberatio DayMonday01-09-21
16 Deepavali Thursday4-09-21
17 Christmas Saturday 25-12-21