RTC View Online from Karnataka Bhoomi Portal

Confusing to View RTC information at Bhoomi portal of Karnataka state. Just check the simple guide for RTC View in online…

Karnataka Bhoomi RTC which is firmly known as Record of rights, Tenancy and Crops Form 16 is the one whole document that is available in the Bhoomi Portal.

The Bhoomi RTC does have every information of land, and this can fetch using the survey number, name of owner or through the agreement number.

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View RTC at Bhoomi portal does give enough information of the land details along with the ownership names. As well as the details of any loans on land. The details of land as per the current year, old year, mutation register, and other status of mutation will be available online.

These RTC View details are available for free and to get them on paper to be valid for registration or loan processing. These need to take from the nearest revenue office by paying some processing fees.

RTC View

Do you want to know your Record of Rights, tenancy and Crops information from the Bhoomi Portal? Then here is the step wise process that you can use to RTC View.

  1. Open the official website of Land Records of Karnataka State or go through this link landrecords.karnataka.gov.in
  2. Tap on services and then click on View RTC information
  3. Choose View RTC & MR form the drop-down options available
  4. Fill the details of your land to fetch their details form the online
  5. Enter district, taluk, hobli, village land survey number correctly

That’s it, as the details provided, the respective records from the Bhoomi RTC information will display on screen. These can take as prints or downloaded for your reference to view the RTC.

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Is it mandatory to check mutation records from RTC online view

If you’re buying land or property in the Karnataka state, then it is quite necessary to get the information from the mutation register.

The mutation status does show the current owner’s name of the property and their respective property tax details. Mutation of property will give the registered details in the revenue department by the current owner.

Can I check mutation status from Bhoomi RTC

The citizens of Karnataka state can check the mutation status of their land or property through the Bhoomi portal. The individual must use RTC View & MR option from the online service to fetch the details of the mutation.

These pages will show details, as if your name has included in property records. Once you have submitted records for mutation registration, the details will update in the revenue department within 21 working days.

Is mutation necessary for land in Karnataka state?

The mutation is the process of adding the new owner’s name in different services of the government for the land. The water bill, municipal tax and other types of services provided to the owner by the government have to update with the new owner’s name.

The mutation of property will bring the name of the new owner everywhere. Such that all government services will have updated information of the current owner.