Himachal Pradesh Property Tax Payment at HP mybill.shimlamc.org

Himachal Pradesh property tax payment, the mandatory levied by the State government. The governing authority does access the property based on their type or usage from domestic to commercial. Property Tax values will change based on the area of property as the rate of interest will change from Urban, Rural to Developed area.

The amount collected from the Property Tax collection at every municipal corporation utilized for the public services. They are like Reading roads, libraries, society development and numerous works taken ahead with the Himachal Pradesh Property Tax Amount.

Himachal Pradesh Property Tax Payment
Himachal Pradesh Property Tax Payment

Himachal Pradesh Property Tax Payment

Tax Payers in Himachal Pradesh state can use the online method to make the Property Tax payments. Below is the process which you can follow and make your HP Property Tax Payment.

  1. Login to HP property tax web portal mybill.shimlamc.org
  2. Select Property Tax from Online Services option
  3. Provide your Property Tax Identification umber or house number to search
  4. Verify the tax amount along with your communication address
  5. Confirm the amount and click on Pay button to make payment
  6. Make Payment and Download Receipt
  7. Once payment confirmed, a receipt of confirmation generated

Property owners can also make payments in online through UPI modes as mentioned in the above links

Himachal Pradesh Property Tax Liable Property

Property Tax is levied on all residential billing, commercial buildings, commercial plots, and usages lands. Below is a list of properties that are liable for Property Tax under Himachal Pradesh state.

  • Residential property along with let Out Property
  • Commercial property and Non-Residential property
  • Factory or industry or company buildings
  • Office and business areas
  • Hotels, Bars, Rent Rooms and similar buildings
  • Godowns and open plots

How do I pay property tax in MC Shimla?

Citizens of Shimla can pay their property taxes from mybill.shimlamc.org official portal.

What is Chulha tax in Himachal Pradesh?

Chulha tax referred to as the gas tax applicable to gas cylinder usage.

Can I pay house tax online in Shimla?

Yes, you can pay your Shimla house tax online from their Municipal corporation Shimla website which will redirect you to their bill payments portal.

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