LIC Duplicate Bond If Insurance Policy Document Lost / Misplaced

How to get LIC duplicate bond with all new process from submission of request letter or form 3756 on lost affidavit format along with questionnaire application, Find whether the process is available in online and other documents if any required to submit to Life Insurance Corporation of India…

LIC Bond Duplicate

A policy bond is the most important document which is issued by the LIC office at the time of issuing the policy, and the policyholder can see all the terms and conditions related to the insurance in the policy bond, where it also includes the various benefits and features of the policy.

One needs to present the policy bond at the time of claiming the policy or the redemption of the insurance, and the policy bond would also be required by the user in case the policy holder wants to take a LIC loan against the policy, thus it is ideal to come one soft copy of the policy bond in case there is any damage or loss to the bind paper.

Let us look at the procedure for getting the duplicate bond copy of the policy in case the original is lost or damaged

How to Get Duplicate LIC Policy Bond

  • The user needs to generate form 3756 content on a stamp paper of Rs 100 which is non-judicial in nature
  • The form needs to be authorized by a notary and also needs to be signed by the policy holder.
  • The policy holder also needs to fill additional questionnaire along which includes questions such as how the policy bond got lost and if the policy holder has made any efforts to recover the policy.
  • The user also needs to provide an identity proof and an address proof to Life Insurance Corporation of India serving branch office along with that the policy holder who also needs to pay the requisite fee which would vary depending on the type of policy.
  • After all the steps are complete and verified by the LIC serving office, the duplicate policy bond will be issued by the LIC office to the policy holder.
  1. How to Claim LIC Policy if Bond is Lost?

    When a policyholder does lose his original if Insurance Policy bond, first they need to inform the insurer. One should reach the nearest branch as soon as possible and provide them information about the loss of bond with an Application form provided, and also, if required a FIR copy form nearest police station must be submitted as a proof with application form.

  2. Is there any online process to get LIC duplicate bond?

    There is no online procedure for getting the duplicate bond copy of the policy, where the customer of Life Insurance Corporation of India must approach concerned service branch for issue of duplicate copy.

  3. How much time does it take for an LIC policy Bond?

    LIC will take a minimum of 7 days to maximum of 30 days time for preparing LIC policy bonds and if the policy taken is new, then time for Bond will be more. As the program to print and availability of Blank bond differ.

  4. How to Surrender LIC policy without Bond?

    A letter needs to be issued to Life insurance policy starting the loss of bond and a request to be raised to get form to submit the lieu of duplicate policy bond, and also, an amount of 100 Non-judicial stamp paper which is to be notarized with details provided by LIC should be submitted and get the policy amount with showing bond.

  5. Is LIC a good investment or insurance?

    The Life insurance policy of India does offer the best insurance policy and if you’re looking for a long-term investment, then this is a best platform to be chosen, So choose Unit Linked Investment Plan or else a later plan like Endowment Plan as based on your risk appetite and financial ability or reasons, to opt for the best insurance plan or term plan for only having insurance

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10 thoughts on “LIC Duplicate Bond If Insurance Policy Document Lost / Misplaced”

  1. I taken a money back LIC policy for 25 years which will be maturing on next month but i losses the original bond hence need your valuable suggestion.

  2. મારો પોલિસી બોન્ડ ખોવાઈ ગયો છે તો મારે ક્યાં જાણ કરવાની

  3. Is Notary is required from the same state where the branch is located in case of loss of Bond? I had taken policy from the Jamshedpur branch, now I am residing at Pune. I lost my policy now, can submit a Notary produced in Pune to get the duplicate LIC of India policy from the Jamshedpur branch?


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