Form 16A Download Online from TRACES by Deductor

Income Tax deductor may download Form 16A online to provide to their employee. Find the steps to download Form16A from…

The Income tax department has eFiling portal for filing of taxes and you can upload your Form 16A downloaded from TRACES. But before that, TRACES is a TDS related platform where you can apply for TDS returns, apply for any corrections by deductors and then be able to download form 16A from TRACES by deductors which can be used for tax filing. 

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There are two different TDS forms i.e, Form 16 which is for salaried payment and Form 16A for non salaried payment which can include any small or medium and even large business as well. It can also be someone who is freelancing and working as a consultant. As a deductor you can download both the Form16 and Form16A from their platform.

As the Form16A updated with deductions and the details you can download it by following the below process.

Form 16A

How to Download Form 16A from TRACES by Deductor

Part 1 – Submission

  1. Login to TRACES platform as deductor from here
  2. From the menu, click on downloads and under the drop down click on Form 16A option
  3. Then you have to select the financial year, quarter, form type
  4. Enter your PAN card details
  5. Then click on the submit button on the next page to confirm the details of the submitted person
  6. Click on Validate DSC and then either enter the validation code or Token number / Provisional receipt number (PRN) and click proceed

Part 2 – Approval & Downloading

  1. Since the Form 16A submitted now you can find the status under the Downloads section
  2. You can download the Form 16A once the submission approved

Can I download Form 16A from Traces by Deductors without PAN?

You can only download the empty Form 16A but not with the updated deductor details like deductions and amounts.

Can Form 16A downloaded online?

Surely, you can download the Form 16 once it approved online.

How can I download Form 16 PDF from traces?

Yes after the submission and approval, the Form 16 available in PDF format and may download from TRACES portal.

Can individuals download Form 16 from traces?

The Form 16A is for non salaried individuals to download from TRACES portal.

What is the password for Form 16 16A to download from traces?

The password will be your authentication code or else Token number/ Provisional receipt number (PRN).

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