Business Visa Visit allowed for Employee & Duration of Stay

Employee Business Visa

May check about Business Visa Visit allowed for an employee for working in the United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) overseas branches, and do check in how many days this may be approved… Business Visa refers to as a temporary Visa granted to an individual by the nation after acceptance of the

Credit Analyst Salary, Job Description & Role Analysis

Credit analyst salary based on their experience, qualifications, job roles and responsibilities, Find where can they find credit analyst jobs… Credit Analyst A credit analyst job might sound cool to some people and in fact it is a profession linked to the financial and banking sector where the role involves employees to make decisions on

Maharashtra Dearness Allowance Rates for Employee

New PRC applicable Dearness allowance Rates for Maharashtra employee updated as on date from beginning. Check the DA rates applicable and when increased… Dearness Allowance is a part of basic salary structure of an employee and for the state government employees, the Dearness Allowance is all decided in the state cabinet meeting. The union government

Rajasthan Employee DA Rates (Dearness Allowance Updated)

Rajasthan employee DA Rates memo released by state government as per AICPIN applicable to employees and pensioners. These announcements bring the value of Dearness Allowance payable to each eligible beneficiary. The state government employees apart from getting their increment, these DA increase is one of their benefits which is provided by the Government as per

Chandigarh Employee DA Rates – Updated

Chandigarh Employee DA Rates for UT State government employees and retired employees, will be increased with a value as mentioned. The hike in the salaries and pensioners announced as per the AICPIN released by CG and approved the same for employees after their budget session meeting of SG. The Employees and Pensioner of Punjab State