Why Most of BSNL Employees opting for VRS, and Position of Post VRS

BSNL Employees VRS

Presenting some of the reasons collected from various sources, about why above 50% of BSNL employees opted for VRS 2019, and what is the position, condition on post VRS after 01.02.2020… Most of the employees, who have been working with BSNL for 30 years and have 5/6 years in their credit to serve in BSNL,

Employer, What is Meaning of Employer in Hindi & How Works


In general terms an Employer referred to as an individual or an organization which might be a nonprofit, private or government or business sector. The entities do hire people who referred to as their employees for a particular standard of work and pay them for their work done. The employer does define the terms of

VISA Invitation Letter, Why important for Employee to work in Overseas Branch

VISA Invitation Letter

What is VISA invitation letter and what does it contain, and the importance/benefits of VISA Invitation letter for overseas employee, find who will pay and when denied… Employees who are working for multi national companies asked to reach their client location or main branch location that they are supporting once a year. This is to

BSNL Holiday Home List in India for 2024

BSNL Holdiay Homes List

Are you a BSNL employee, then search for 2024 holiday home list here for entire India, and you may check online or offline booking procedure for required holiday home, Also find who are allowed to stay in guest house or inspection quarters of BSNL when booking an IQ… BSNL has came forward with approach to

UK Investor VISA for Foreign Investor – Process Guide

UK Investor VISA

UK Investor VISA basic information is available. Find the Investment Fund, Visa application process and requirements to process the VISA… The United Kingdom brings easier process for different types like UK Work Visa. Now Investor visa, which even said easier when compares with other countries VISA process. The individual who want to become a permanent

Flight Attendant Salary on Average and Airline Wise

flight attendant salary

To ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers, aircraft companies recruit flight attendants. They serve as cabin crew. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize about becoming a flight attendant. But nowadays, the flight attendant is not the glamorous job it was. With time, the payment metrics of a flight attendant have

What is Gross Salary and the Formula to Calculate Gross Salary

Gross Salary

In our career to become a responsible individual, the Gross Salary income towards our work is always determines to play a crucial role. There are numerous individuals who timely change and accept day to day daily job roles as per their education along with skills. Gross Salary It is always exciting to look at the

CFMS Challan Status and CFMS Citizen Challan Payment

CFMS Challan

CFMS Citizen Challan for Payment and CFMS Challan status check now made easy in online, Just follow the steps to view challan and status check or payment. CFMS can be accessible by every stakeholder of the system which provides real time information along with facilitating decision making. CFMS AP brings minimal reconciliations, improvised financial by

US Work Visa – Which Visa you can Apply to Work in USA

US Work Visa

Which Visa you are applying to work in US for the same company in United States for a short period or longer, Check the types of US Work Visa and find how hard and how long does it take to get a us work visa… There are multiple kinds of Visas that are provided to