Walmart Paystub at OneWalmart for Old or New Paystubs

Walmart Paystub

If you are working at Walmart then you should that they employ more than 2.3 million employees all around the world and in order to provide all the employees with up to date payment details, they have launched Walmart Paystub that can be accessed by any employee. This article will provide you all the information

Gratuity Calculator as per New Gratuity Calculation Formula

Gratutity Calculator

Basic Gratuity Calculator as per the new Gratuity calculation formula updated in this page, Just select your service and get the gratuity amount instantly online… If you are an employee working for an organization of private or public then you should be aware of Gratuity. In simple terms, any employee who worked more than 5

UK Work Visa, How to Get Work Permit Visa for United Kingdom

UK Work Visa

Here is the detailed guide about UK Work Visa, and the different types of Visas allowed for an employee work permit in United Kingdom, and also check the time limit to process the VISA… The United Kingdom has got lighter rules than other countries in terms of issuing visas, and there is a score of

Appraisal Meaning, Employee Performance Appraisal Process


Appraisal is a performance review process for employees to assess their goals and achievements. Employee will receive feedback, improvement plan, annual salary hikes, compensations, Increments based on performance rating as part of appraisal process.. What is Performance Appraisal People Management is a critical aspect for any successful organization and performance appraisal is a crucial process.

Appointment Letter Meaning, Sample Letter Format in Word / PDF

Appointment Letter Format

Appointment Letter or Job Employment Letter will have employment details of commencement date, work location, CTC, Work hours, Probation, Confidential Policies, Terms & Conditions in sample format. Appointment letter or Job employment letter is one of the crucial procedures for any organization during joining formalities. That means, it is usually step after accepting the job

Central Government Holiday Home Contact Details

Holiday Home Contact Details

Here is the list of Central Government holiday home contact details, Find each destination and contact number noted against each… Holiday Home is one of the services that are provided to every employee by their respective organization during a good vacation time. The Central Government holiday home booking released and the employees who are on

Basic Salary & Factors Depend on Basic Pay for Calculation

Basic Salary

The basic income of an employee or a worker, gained for the service provided is termed as Basic Salary. In general the amount of Basic Salary doesn’t include any of your appraisals, overtime pay or any kind of excess payment earned for extra hours working. The Basic Salary is fixed amount guaranteed by employer or