Appointment Letter Meaning, Sample Letter Format in Word / PDF

Appointment Letter or Job Employment Letter will have employment details of commencement date, work location, CTC, Work hours, Probation, Confidential Policies, Terms & Conditions in sample format.

Appointment letter or Job employment letter is one of the crucial procedures for any organization during joining formalities. That means, it is usually step after accepting the job offer letter from employer to candidate.

It is a contract agreement for the newly recruited employee who accepted the offer from the employer and the format contains various sections including terms and conditions for candidate which may mutually agreed and signed.

What is Appointment Letter

Appointment letter meaning is a Job employment letter and contract agreement will be handing over by HR on first day as part of joining formalities. It contains commencement date, Job responsibilities and designation offered for the candidate offered for the job vacancy.

The Job employment letter considered as employment contract detail and covers 360-degree aspects of employer policies. Employee bound to all the terms and conditions according to the location under the country immigration law.

This article covers appointment letter format India specially. But, in general all the section would remain same and some of the policies changes according to the labor law as per geographical location.

How to write an Appointment Letter?

As we discussed above it should cover 360 -degree aspects. Hence, the Job employment format should contain following list of things

  • Employee Details
  • Appointment Details
    • Employee commencement/Joining Date
    • Designation
    • Job Level
    • Work Location
  • Probation
  • Background check terms
  • Duties & Responsibilities
  • Working Hours
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Entire Agreements
  • Confidential Policy
  • Terms of Termination of Employment
  • Governing Law
  • Signatories

Appointment Letter Format

A sample appointment letter format which is usually created by the employer as per their internal policies. This is more of a employment agreement which even clearly outline all the clauses, terms & conditions.

Employee Details

The format of Job offer letter will be addressed to the candidate who was offered for the job vacancy with new employee Name and Address.

<Name of the Employee> a citizen of <Country>, with address at <Address1, Address2, Pin>

Appointment Details:

It refers to Employee commencement/Joining Date, Designation, Job Level, Work Location

The Employee shall commence employment with the Company on <Date of Joining> as the member of <Department> as <Designation> with <Job Level> and reports to <Line Manager designation (VP/Manager etc)>


This section covers the employee probation in the initial period with the organization. This Employee probation purely depends on the employee’s performance and commitment during probation period. Employer will make sure to process the employee background verification during this period to check the facts, employee conduct and experience.

The Employee will be on probation for next from effective . The company will confirm their job purely based on the satisfactory of their services during probation period. Employee background verification should be successful during probation period.

Duties & Responsibilities

Employee will have to carry our all the duties which the job demands during the service with employer. The company and associated companies will have all the rights to change the role and responsibilities as per the job and market demands.

During the employment period the employee will have to carry out all the duties as job demands.

Compensation & Benefits

The Job Offer letter will also contains the Cost to Company (CTC) , Bonus Plan, Leave & Vacation, Expenses & Deductions

Entire employment Agreements

The Job employment should also cover the company Confidential Policy, Terms of Termination of Employment & their Governing Law


All the approvers may have to sign line manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager and this will have to agree and sign by the employee.

Government Appointment Letter Format Reference

It refers to recent government job employment with new appointment letter format. For reference visit FINAL-List-of-Selected-Candidates-for-Website-2021.pdf (

Sample Appointment Letter Format in Word or Pdf

The following are the exact columns available in the format in any of the appointment letter issued by employer in word or Pdf format, Lets check

Appointment Letter Format
Appointment Letter Format

Why is offer letter is different from Appointment letter?

Yes, offer letter is different from appointment letter. Because Offer letter will have only Designation and CTC (cost to company) and work location details. Once the offer from company agreed by employee, then appointment letter will be given at time of joining. Appointment letter will have further details to company policies.

Who will send the appointment letter?

HR Manager will be providing the appointment letter to employee with company’s approved format and conditions. And this will be approved and signed by HR, Finance and line manager.

Employment bond and agreement and appointment letter are one and same?

Employment bond is part of appointment letter. Because, at the time of joining appointment letter will have clear mention about all the details of job , company policies and also bond terms and conditions which are applicable for the employees.

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