DDO Request (DDOReq) Treasury for Employee Salary Bill & Claims

DDO request for claims and salary bill comes live with DDOReq login through new treasury portal access…

Drawing and Disbursing Officer is a major and important role in today’s developing India. As every organization has come forward with an official online human resource and development system software.

The salaries, payslip, and other important details of an employee taken care of by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer. They play an important role in the organization. They reduce the manual work and with their individual effort, the department employees salaries may disbursed.

DDO Request

The payment against working days and the leaves taken along with many other criteria observed by a DDO officer. Even an employee who wants to enjoy the services of fficial website will need to reach out to DDO officers. It is all to raise a request for their employee registration.

Service TypeDDO request
StateAP, Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, HP, Maharashtra
ObjectiveProcessing of Salary bills and Claims of employees digitally through Treasury

DDO Request AP

To get login as a DDO in AP, you can quickly follow these steps and have yourself access with the Admin authority of your official website

  1. Visit treasury1.apcfss.in/ddoreq/ your URL bar to open the treasury page
  2. Enter your DDO code and the password provide while registration
  3. Click on submit button and wait for the details to be verified
  4. That’s it, DDO page with your respective credentials loads on your screen. You can start using your authority to proceed with the admin work.

DDO Request Telangana

  1. Open Telangana treasury DDOREQ portal at https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/
  2. Enter DDO Code
  3. Provide password
  4. Tap on Submit to login to Drawing and Disbursing Officer Portal to authorize Grantin aid and create new treasury bills.

How to Prepare Salary Bill in DDO Request

The main responsibility of a Drawing and Disbursing Officer is to prepare the salary considered through DDO Request of Salary. Here is some major steps taken to create salary slip through DDO requests.

  • Drawing and Disbursing Officer to get data of employee for no: of working days, leaves and extra hours worked
  • Next the salary slip form filled as per their package with the organization. The tool will automatically fill the details of the salary
  • Extra allowance or any such kind of cutting updated by an Drawing and Disbursing Officer to make salary slip updated for that month
  • Once all details submitted, it may sent to disbursing and will sent to employee account on the day of salary
  • The salary preparation of all employees conducted in quick time without much manual InterVision by HRMS tool in consideration with Drawing and Disbursing Officer

What is the role of a Drawing and Disbursing Officer?

A Drawing and Disbursing Officer is an important person in the organization. He looks after the financial system of the department assigned. He/She is one who draws money from treasury account and dispenses them to every employee based on their working days.

Where can DDO Request placed?

Each Drawing and Disbursing Officer request placed from the official department portal. DDO can login with their credentials in the official portal and raise their request for salary slip generation or other option of an employee performed every month.

Where can I find Drawing and Disbursing Officer Contact?

Every department does have multiple Drawing and Disbursing Officers, who enrich to protect the financial system of the department. Thus every employee who has any concern about their employment details can get the DDO details from the official portal. This can reach out to them to update their records in the online portal.

How to request a DDO Request password?

A Drawing and Disbursing Officer, forgotten their password, can click on the forgot password link. It is all to process to get new password generation. The official link may sent to Nodal office, as every credential of DDO officer is very critical due to working process. The password is critical and it can’t share with anyone.

Can I raise DDO requests to increase my salary?

A DDO request raised to prepare salary slips and disburse the payment of every employee on the day of salary. The salary details of an employee considered through their salary declared. It is while joining in the organization. This cannot changed by anyone, as it will restrict to the Nodal Officer.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    I am an Andhra Pradesh State Government Employee, working in Junior Assistant Cadre. We have been informed to do Salary Bills for the month of December 2021, in DDO Request. So, I am not able to find a Employee Details and Salary Bill particulars for them month of December as the individual has returned to the duties from an EOL of Two complete years. Till now the individual has got their salary as it was done using CFMS. Kindly pursue this issue and suggest a solution as early as possible.


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