Chhattisgarh Employee eKosh Login & Online Registration

Do find the Chhattisgarh employee eKosh login online registration with new sign up process mentioned after the launch of eKosh web portal which is a complete epayment system under Directory of Treasury Account and Pensions.

The launch of e-Kosh online website has started the ePayment system in Chhattisgarh State, and initially the ePayment of employee salary was taken part and later the General Provident Fund, Traveling Allowance Bills, Medical Reimbursement Bills, Vendor Payment Bills, Samaveda Employee Bills and DDO’s Pay bills were also added in eKosh online website.

Using this online website, a big relief has been brought to the Chhattisgarh State government employees, and it has been to follow up and reach the department office to submit any kind of employment related bills like to download chhattisgarh employee salary slip, thus the long queue and manual work has been reduced using the eKosh online website.

Chhattisgarh state government also provides a link for Pensioner employees to check their status and get an instance report too. To access all this above started employee services, one should have access to e-Kosh online website, and every employee has been given a unique set of username and password, through which they can access the specified employee page.

The Sign-Up process for the Chhattisgarh e-Kosh Online Website is fully online, thus employees need to get themselves registered by giving their valid mobile number to their respective accounts department office, below are the details that need to be used once the registration has been made.

How to Sign up for Chhattisgarh Employee eKosh Login

  • Visit the Chhattisgarh e-Kosh Online website using
  • Click the ePayroll option from left side online system menu
  • In the new page, select the Employee Corner from left menu
  • Now enter your employee number or code as username + date of birth (DDMMYY) in password column
  • Enter the Captcha Code as shown in beside box
  • Now click on Login button to make your first successfully login
  • Verify your details and once your employee page is confirmed move to next step
  • Click on Change Password and let a new page to be loaded
  • Enter your new Password twice and then click on Confirm button
  • A New Page will be loaded for eKosh login with your provided details
  • Here you can view information in regards of your employment
  • That’s it, you have successfully logged into Chhattisgarh employee payslip eKosh online website using your credentials.

As per the guidelines, the registration of respective employee will give access to their employee code with date of birth combination as password, so, it must be changed after first login, to make your account secure.

  1. Is Chhattisgarh Employee Pay Slip Online is Secure?

    The online website launched for the service of employees is all secure and has an authentication process for anyone to access its services. Employees or employers need to follow a login process to get access to their respective page which makes it secure enough to use.

  2. Can we pay Bill and Challan using eKosh Website?

    Yes, there are direct links provided to pay your e-Bill and e-challan which gives you easy access to pay the dues if any. This link takes you to a direct secure payment gate and lets you make your transaction.

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