Assam Property Tax Payment Online

Make you Assam state property tax payment on time to avoid penalty. Just check the how to pay online and to check the arrear if any before payment…

Property Tax is an important source of income for the Municipal Corporation in Every State of India, whereas the Assam State property tax managed through Guwahati Municipal Corporation.

Paying the property tax on time, does also save the property owner from penalty charges. So, to avoid charges you can follow our article about Assam property tax payment. If you already have your tax number, then go through the instructions below

Assam Property Tax Payment
Assam Property Tax Payment

Assam Property Tax Payment through Quick Pay

  1. Go to in URL bar to visit the official website
  2. Now click on Home button and then select online property tax
  3. Click on Quick Pay Click here and wait for new page to load
  4. Enter your Bill number and tap on go button to search your details
  5. Now check the boxes against the arrear, interest and quarter bill
  6. Once selected Check the amount and tap on Pay Now button
  7. Now click on Confirm button and wait for payment mode to complete payment

Assam Property Tax Payment through Offline

The Assam government collects the tax at their Guwahati Municipal corporation office as well and residents of Assam state can visit these offices to make their tax payment in time.

  1. Visit the nearest Municipal or your local zone municipal office
  2. Here go to the help desk and move to Property tax desk
  3. Provide your details of your property and your identity proof
  4. Let them fetch your details and provide your property tax due amount
  5. Confirm the amount along with your details form the given details
  6. Once confirmed, provide the cash for payment of property tax
  7. Get the offline payment receipt which has your assessment ID

What is the Assam Property Tax Interest rate?

In general, the interest rate for Assam Property tax on each poetry does differ based on the rural, urban or developed area. Thus the rate of interest varies from 5 percent to 20 percent which is higher in developed areas and lower in the rural areas of the state.

Can I make Assam Property Tax after the due date?

The property tax payment will be accepted even after the due date is crossed, but the total amount of tax will be added with penalty charges. There will be a minimum of 1.5 percent to 2 percent of interest charged on the due amount if not paid before the due date.

How Assam Property Tax calculation does is done?

The property tax calculation in the Assam state is done through the formula which consists of Build up area, age factor, based value, type of building, category of use, floor factor. All these options will be multiplied to get the total property tax for a property.

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