Section 80GG of Income Tax Exemption to Claim HRA Tax Refund

Section 80GG

Income Tax department of India is really open, when it comes to people asking for Income tax refund they have paid and one such deduction on HRA made is called as 80GG, So, this type of section 80GG is really important for any salaried employee who is not receiving any HRA from their company or the employer they are currently working for.

In such cases where you have paid for rent money and in house living then you will be allowed to apply for the refund under the section 80GG, While applying for the section 80GG for deductions you have to make sure that you are self employed or a salaried person who has an entity to show to the government.

In case of self employed you will have to provide with correct information for accommodations, and this form is also applicable in case you have a spouse or child who does not own any accommodation or job and lives with you, So, you will be allowed to add their expense to the tax deductions as well.

Where as some salaried and self-employed people will have their own residential properties which cannot be calculated under the deduction of section 80GG when you are already applying the same property under Income tax refund for house property taxes.

What does HRA Mean – How it is linked to 80GG

HRA is the short form of House Rent Allowance which is a very well-known act and amendment in the Income tax, and this act states that all the salaried employees should be given accommodation or reimbursement for their in-house living expense or the total expense for their accommodation over the span of work from their employer.

Assume that you live in a rented house while working for an employer then you can get tax exemption from the government, and In a case where the Taxes you have paid are seemingly more then anyone would suggest you to apply on form 80GG under Income tax deduction where you can get tax refund back on the rented accommodations and in-house living expenses you have paid for.

But while filling the form you will have to make sure that the correct receipts, because the Income tax department have to verify it and then they will provide you with the correct refund.

Apply for Form 10BA – Deductions under Section 80GG

So if you want to apply for the deductions under the section 80GG then you have to download the form 10BA, and the form name is 10BA but it comes as the 80GG section deductions where you can start declaring all your vital information which can be applied to the Income tax department online.

  • I/WE – Your name
  • Previous Year – Year you are applying for tax deductions for
  • Occupied the premise – The place you have accommodated or rented
  • Paid RS – Total amount you have paid for the house rent accommodation or rent
  • Towards payment of rent to Shri/Ms/M/s – To whom you have paid the home rent accommodation

The form is quite simple and needs minimal information, but you have to make sure while providing for the information asked, you need to provide proof or receipts at some point for verification under Income Tax Section 80GG.

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