Personal Loan EMI Calculator to Calculate Interest & Instalment

Find your monthly interest and installment on the Personal Loan EMI calculator before sanctioning of personal loan to get a clear idea, how much you have to pay till the loan ends…

A Personal loan may given to individuals who are in business specifies to employ by an organization. Any individual who is seeking to get a Personal Loan can apply directly online. Many banks and financial institutes do provide an easy way to apply for the loan.

In this context individuals must aware of the details along with how much loan amount given to them. Having a Personal Loan EMI calculator will ensure to get the exact details of your loan. You may also calculate EMI that has to pay, as banks do provide personal loan and margin rate of interest which might be similar but vary in small percentage value.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator advised to check the rate of interest twice and then proceed to avail Personal Loan as on benefit side.

What is Personal Loan EMI

The equated Monthly Installment is an amount that has to pay by an individual in respect to their Personal Loan. It is taken by them from respective bank or financial institute. The amounts need to deposit in your account which deduct through ECS monthly on a particular date until EMI tenure completed.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator Benefits

The Personal Loan EMI Calculator does gives you some basic information that let you compare with details provided by bank.

  • Quickly calculate the EMI amount
  • No chance of error due to accurate calculation
  • Let you understand exact repayment tenure

How to Calculate EMI

Personal Loan EMI calculation is little different from other loans which are provided by banks or financial institutes. Using the Personal Loan EMI calculator, you are able to view the exact monthly instalment applicable for Loan principal amount available online

Use these formulas shown below to calculate the EMI for your loan by providing the details. You should entire your details as asked in the formulae to calculate the exact amount.

E = P * r * (1+r) ^n / ((1+r) ^n-1)

Here E is Equated Monthly Installment, P is a Typical loan amount, R is a rate of interest calculated monthly and N is the tenure in months.

Find Equated Monthly Instalments on new calculator of SBI.

What is Personal Loan Amortization Schedule?

A Personal Loan Amortization schedule is a table that does show you detailed payment history. The schedule for the entire loan tenure gives you a difference in principal amount and loan interest to pay monthly. This does make you aware of how much amount paid for principal and as well how much interest at the starting of the loan tenure.

Does Personal Loan EMI change every year?

The banks and financial institutes might vary their EMI rate of interest for Personal Loan. But once an individual has taken a loan, and the rate of interest may fixed. The same fixed EMI applied until they pay back their amount through their entire tenure.

What is the basic rate of interest for Personal Loan EMI?

The marginal rate of interest for Personal Loan is around 13% and this varies as per the banks. Many banks which are national do ask for proper documentation and do give less rate of interest. On another side, private banks or financial institutes offers a loan at higher rate of interest with less documentation.

What must focus in Personal Loan EMI?

The main item focused on in Personal Loan EMI is the tenure which may choked. If the tenure increased you might get less EMI value but in return, you should pay in excess. It is necessary to check the tenure along with the fixed rate of interest to have an understandable loan application.

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