MP Bhu Abilekh Land Records Download Online

Download land records of Madhya Pradesh at MP Bhu Abilekh portal | Create Bhu Abhilekh account and search for land records to download or print…

The land records online portal created for the state of Madhya Pradesh is known as Bhu Abhilekh in Hindi. So, if you are someone who belongs to MP then you can readily make use of the MP Bhu Abhilekh portal that provides you a list of all districts and regions in the state which you can further look into

This भू अभिलेख department is mainly known to provide citizens with land records and agricultural land record statics that would help them to further evaluate the land conditions.

They provide any land reform information, required documents and the dimensions of the land for the citizens to settle through proper reforms.

MP Bhu Abhilekh

At the same time, they provide different schemes such as Nazul, Diversion, and a few more. In this article, we will learn how you can use the MP Bhulekh online portal.

Bhu Abhilekh Land Records Maps

So there are different ways you can learn more information about the land records and the first accessing Maps.

  1. Open Madhya Pradesh Bhu Abhilekh website
  2. Click on the Maps option from the top
  3. This will redirect you to the map search page where you have to select the district, tehsil, and village
  4. It will show all the land records available in the selected village from which you can find the land based on the present owner’s name or address as well.

Since the MP Bhulekh portal provides all the land-related information. You just need to log in through it and you can learn the login process from below.

Bhu Abhilekh Login

  1. First, open the MP Bhulekh online portal from here
  2. Click on the Login option from the top right corner and then a popup window will appear
  3. Enter your login details
  4. Click on the login button to access your account.

Apart from the general list of lands in a village via landlord and record number you can even find the pinpoint land records that you are looking for using the Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh online portal. You can follow the below steps to do so.

Is MP Bhulekh different from MP Bhu Abhilekh?

Madhya Pradesh land records online portal known as Bhu Abhilekh. This is the parent organization that controls MP Bhulekh online portal.

So, the MP Bhu Abhilekh portal provides you relevant information, services, schemes for both citizens and department users. While the MP Bhulekh online portal provides more in-depth information about land records, account registration, login, and more.

MP Bhu Abilekh Land Records via LandLord, Land Record Number and Account Number

  1. Open the MP Bhu Abhilekh land records online portal
  2. Click on measles details and this will redirect to the search page
  3. On the new page, you need to select the district, tehsil, and then the village
  4. Next, you have to select between Land Lord, Land Record Number, or Account Number.
  5. Enter the required name or number as per your selection
  6. Provide the captcha code from the image
  7. Click on the see details button that will show you the selected land details.

Is MP Bhu Abilekh free to use?

Yes, Madhya Pradesh land records online portal MP Bhulekh is a free platform. This can use by all the citizens through which they can access more land record information.

How to check MP Bhu Abilekh Tehsil Map?

You can check the land records or map as per Tehsil by going to MP Bhulekh portal > Free Services > Bhu-Naksha. Through this, you need to select the district, tehsil, and village to get the land information.

What is Bhu-Naksha Madhya Pradesh?

The Madhya Pradesh land records online portal Bhulekh provides to all citizens with a free service known as Bhu-Naksha. With Bhunaksha, one can find the land record information by selecting district > tehsil > village to find land record details.

Is Bhulekh MP App for Android available?

There is no official app that has been released by the government of Madhya Pradesh for the Bhulekh. But there are still some third-party apps on the Android play store which provide relevant information.

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