Manipur Employee Salary Slip Download

The Manipur Employee Salary Slip is a PDF document in online, encompassing comprehensive details of an employee’s total salary and employment particulars, and this document generated through the Pay Slip Generate Web Portal hosted on the Finance Department Manipur website.

The Manipur State Government, through its Finance Department and the Department of Treasuries and Accounts, has introduced the ePayroll System official website to facilitate the distribution of pay slips to its employees.

Therefore, employees affiliated with various departments within the Manipur State Government can access and download their month-wise salary slips from the login webpage on the ePayroll System web portal.

Manipur Employee Salary Slip
Manipur Employee Salary Slip

Treasurymanipur Salary Slip

DAT Manipur is providing a facility for all government employees to download Online Employee Salary Pay Slip using the implied process as below

  1. Visit the IFMS Manipur website:
  2. Select TreasuryNET from the Treasury Link menu on the homepage.
  3. On the TreasuryNET Manipur login page, choose “Employee Treasury.”
  4. Enter your Username and Password.
  5. Input the Captcha Code.
  6. Click Login to access employee details.
  7. Select your name from the dropdown list.
  8. Click on the “Salary Slip” file under the Salary Statements section.
  9. Your salary slip will be downloaded to your device.
  10. Once you review the salary details, you can download the salary slip.

Note – The webpage allows you to access the salary slips for the last 3 months, last 6 months, or a specific month.

What are the Registration requirements?

During registration, you’ll be required to furnish details such as your Employee Name, Employee ID, Designation, Department, Treasury Office, Email ID, Mobile Number, and password.

What about the Security of Pay Slip Downloads?

It is generally secure to download your pay slip from this website. However, it is advisable to ensure a secure and private internet connection when accessing sensitive financial documents.

What are the options to generate offline payslips?

Offline Pay Slips Option:

  1. If the DAT website does not generate online pay slips, offline pay slips are available.
  2. Bring an empty pay slip to your block office DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer).
  3. Your biller will utilize the pay bill registration to input all essential details.
  4. Afterward, the DDO will sign the pay slip.

Downloading Manipur Government Employees’ Salary Slips for 2024:

To download your salary slip for 2024, go to the CMIS website at, log in using your username and password, choose the desired month and year, and click “Download.”

Pay slips are typically updated every month to reflect your earnings and deductions for each specific month.

Difference Between CMIS Manipur, BEAMS Manipur, and IFMS Manipur

FeatureCMIS ManipurBEAMS ManipurIFMS Manipur
PurposeIntegrated Personnel Management and Payroll System of the Government of Manipur, part of the IFMSProvides a user interface for departments to generate authorization slips for salary; DDO can prepare bills using DDO code as USER ID and final BEAMS passwordGovernment of Manipur’s Integrated Financial Management System; All government employees must register and can view their account information
IntegrationA core component of IFMS – Integrated Finance Management System of the Government of ManipurBill data details are electronically available from the CMIS portal; Data generated by DDO on the billing portal is made available to the treasury for processingDeveloped by the Finance Department, Government of Manipur
Access– Employees must register and log in to view account information– DDOs use their code as USER ID and BEAMS password to prepare bills– Requires registration and login for access

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