LIC Maturity Calculator to get Policy Maturity Earnings

Calculate the final earnings of your insurance policy on the LIC maturity calculator, Find the maturity amount calculation formula…

LIC India offers different life insurance policies to its users who can choose the policy depending on different factors such as term, premium and coverage for the family.

But before you choose your policy you should be able to understand what returns it would bring back after the term has completed and there are many users who do not understand how important this is before you choose your LIC policy.

You will be responsible to choose the sum and the term insurance of the policy along with the risks and the benefits involved because you need to pay the premium for the whole term insurance.

So, in this article we will be explaining more about LIC Maturity calculator which can help you make better decisions before choosing a policy.

What is LIC Maturity Amount Calculator – All In One

Depending on the type of Insurance policy, the term and the maturity level will depend because if the insured can avail of the Insurance till the term of premiums has been paid then he is able to receive total LIC maturity amount from the respective policy.

In that case, the policyholder will receive the LIC maturity amount with any bonus or extra interest that might have incurred over the term of the policy plan.

But understanding the benefits if the policyholder receives the LIC or in case if the nominee receives the LIC is a different and time taking process which is why we suggest using the LIC maturity amount calculator.

There are obviously different policies that LIC announced which come with different maturity levels and terms that makes the calculation a little difficult. But we are going to explain it to you through a simple method using the All in One maturity level calculator.

LIC Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Anand

Jeevan Anand is one of the best LIC policy schemes in India launched in 2013. We will be taking this into consideration to show you the simple calculator behind the LIC maturity calculator.

  • Sum assured in the LIC Plan is: 10 Lakhs
  • Premium Payment Term is: 15 Years
  • Assuming that the policy start date is from January, 2016, then check now
  • Details and Maturity level of the LIC Policy after calculation:
  • Sum Assured (A): = Rs. 10,10,000
  • Total Bonus Amount on Maturity (B): * = Rs. 6,76,700
  • Maturity Amount (A+B): = Rs. 16,86,700
  • Period of Maturity = January, 2030

So from the above calculation, you can understand that you will receive an additional maturity amount of 6,76,700 after the period of maturity only.

It means in the present example if the policyholder or the nominee receives the benefits after 15 years then they will receive a total maturity level of 16,86,700 rupees.

Total Bounce Amount Calculation in LIC Maturity

After the selection of your policy, you might understand what would happen. If you complete your term insurance and whether not receive any additional bonus or benefits through the selected policy.

In most cases, the policyholders will receive an additional bonus amount. This depends on the interest rate declared by the LIC organization for the year.

But in our case, we do not know the present year’s interest rate. This is why we would be assuming it as last year.

The bonus level will depend on two factors, the term of the policy and the bonus interest rate depending on the policy type as well. Since there are different policy types in LIC, they all have different terms and their respective interest rate as well.

LIC Maturity Amount Calculator Formula

There is no direct formula to calculate the LIC maturity amount. You can follow the below formula that will help you understand this in-depth.

LIC Total Maturity Amount = Sum Assured (A) + Total Bonus amount on Maturity (B)

Sum Assured (A) = Total amount assured and paid after completion of your policy term

Total Bonus amount on Maturity (B) = If X declared bonus per 1000

Sum assured = X * (Sum Assured/1000)

LIC Jeevan Anand Maturity Calculator

If you opted Jeevan Anand LIC scheme, then there is a difference in the term plan and the bonus provided per 1000 as well.

Basically, when you opt for the scheme you may take over by your LIC agent about the bonus, you will receive over the years of the term. Then this term insurance is from 5 Lakhs to 1 Crore as well.

The only difference is propose SUM(A) and bonus (B). Other than those the formula is the same as the total sum at the end, i.e, the LIC Jeevan Anand maturity = Total sum assured (A) + Total bonus on maturity (B).

LIC Maturity Calculator Excel

If you are keenly interested to keep a track of your LIC investments then it is always a wise decision to keep your files offline in excel. In the same sheet, you can add the LIC maturity calculator. This is ideally help you to identify the total maturity that you might receive at the end of your tenure.

You can use the above formula and paste it on your excel which will ideally act as your personal calculator. This can make defined changes to take note of various schemes and understand which are beneficial for you.

LIC Calculator App

Well if you use an Android or iOS device, it is a lot easier for you to check your premium. This may done from your smartphone using LIC customer official app at

Though there are various apps in the market. LIC customer is an official app from LIC India. This provides you the LIC premium calculator, but also all information about different LIC plans.

While at the same time, it does have a login portal. It allows you to access more information and make payments as well right away.

LIC Jeevan Saral Maturity Calculator

Jeevan Saral is one of the owned plans in LIC. Over the last few years, this is a premium-based insurance plan that provides maturity. But the term completed or when the insurer is no more.

In this LIC policy, the term is about 25 years. Per annum premium is only INR 4704. This will get you additional benefits around 2 lakh and death benefits up to 4 lakh. But these numbers depend on the term year provided.

So, premium is around 1 lakh while you might either receive 2 lakh or 4 lakh. You can use the same formula shared to get an idea of lic maturity for Jeevan Saral as well.

LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator

The LIC Endowment policy is a plan with a term of 12 to 35 years while taken up for anyone between the ages 8 to 55 years.

If your assured plan is 10 lakhs and the term is 15 years maturity term. The bonus at the end of the maturity term will be 6,25,00 INR.

You can use the same LIC maturity calculator to calculate your policy maturity for the Endowment policy.