Kalyan Jewellers Online Payment for Gold Scheme and Installment

We are going to know how to avail Kalyan Jewellers online payment for schemes and advance payments, check simple process to access every feature of the scheme to make online payments.

As we are very fond of ornaments, now-a-days we are busy with our works there is no time to rush to the shopping malls for purchasing ornaments so, we prefer to utilize the feature of online shopping and Kalyan jewelers also introducing online payments for the purchases to make customers convenient to buy and make online payments easier.

How to Pay Kalyan Jewellers Online Payment for Purchase Advance Scheme

It is an advance payment of purchasing of gold and ornaments in future, but the customers pay the money as the method of installments such as the monthly payment may be 5000-40000 and it stores every installment and it only used to purchase gold and ornaments, but it is not return in the form of liquid cash.

  1. Go to official website of Kalyan jewelers https://payments.kalyanjewellers.net/home
  2. Enter your scheme number or mobile number
  3. Provide OTP and Tap login or sign in option
  4. Provide your First name and Last name and you’re working Email address
  5. Enter your mobile number and click on submit option
  6. Navigate to the page of list of schemes enrolled by you
  7. You can retrieve your payments history and click on the online payment option
  8. Follow steps instructed on the screen to complete the payment successfully

Kalyan Jewellers Online Payment for Monthly Scheme

The Kalyan jewelers providing a best gold scheme which may be useful for the marriage ornaments purchases and it is very convenient to make online payments and produces the discounts up to 2.67 times of your membership fee for 11 months of scheme

And one more gold scheme discount is available in Kalyan Jewelers, it provides the discounts up to 6times of your membership fee for 6 months.

  1. Visit the official website of Kalyan Jewelers https://www.kalyanmatrimony.com/gold-saving-scheme-online
  2. Enter your scheme number or Mobile number
  3. Click on login option for further process
  4. You will find your scheme payments and also find the online payment option
  5. Then follow the instructions mentioned on the screen to complete the payment

Through this method you can make online payment for gold scheme in Kalyan Jewelers.

How many Gold schemes are available in the Kalyan Jewelers and what are they?

There are three types of gold schemes are available in the Kalyan Jewelers and they are Purchase Advance scheme, Kalyan Flexi gold scheme, Kalyan Akshaya scheme and each has their priority such as purchase advance scheme accumulates the installments up to 365 days and then you can purchase your ornaments, in Kalyan Flexi gold scheme it permits the regulars payments and the customer can access their installment anytime to purchase product, at last Kalyan Akshaya scheme it is a method of saving monthly payments to buy an ornament.

Can we get any benefits for enrolling in a gold scheme of Kalyan Jewelers?

Yes, we get benefits for enrolling in a gold scheme of Kalyan Jewelers, they produce the benefits of convenient payment options such as UPIs, net banking and we have more benefits no interest charges, we no need to pay interest charges for gold schemes in Kalyan Jewelers and they provide us reward points also to access the discounts in further purchases.

Which proofs did we need to submit for acquiring membership in gold schemes of Kalyan Jewelers?

Yes, we need to submit the documents proof of identity, proof of address such as passport or any bank statements, current bills and also you need to submit your pan card if it had by you, by submitting all these documents you can take membership in Kalyan Jewelers.

Kalyan Jewellers Online Payment for all Schemes

If you want to access all the schemes online payment in Kalyan jewelers, then follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the official website of Kalyan Jewelers in your mobile or desktop https://paymentsme.kalyanjewellers.net/home
  2. Enter your mobile number or Email address
  3. Provide your password to login into Kalyan jewelers
  4. Search the option of online payments or pay and tap on it
  5. Choose your desired scheme or enter details of scheme such as scheme number
  6. Follow the instructions prompt on the screen to complete the process successfully.
  7. You have online payments options such as UPI and net banking that can be helpful to complete your transaction.

Is there any late fee for missed payments in Kalyan Jewelers?

If you missed any payments in Kalyan jewelers, you need to make missed payment with excess late fee, it needs to pay before of next payment only to continue with your gold purchase scheme.

Can we withdraw our accumulated money from the gold scheme in Kalyan jewelers?

Yes, you can withdraw your accumulated money by paying a penalty amount for your installed money and also the withdrawal of money only after your taken scheme completes or terminates.

Can we buy more gold which is beyond our installment payment in the gold scheme of Kalyan Jewelers?

Yes, we can buy more gold than our installment payment in gold scheme in Kalyan Jewelers, it is a simple procedure add remaining amount of your purchased ornament and deduce the amount in gold scheme payment.

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