What is Form 26AS & How to View Income Tax Credit Statement

Tax payers need to submit their Tax Credit statement of the year in the form of Form 26AS to the Income Tax Department of every year for Tax Filing, and Form 26AS which is also your Tax Credit Statement must be updated with all your yearly income and expenditure. As everyone know that the process

Challan 280 and Form Use for Advance tax

Challan 280 | Income Tax Challan 280 | Check when you use 280 form for different types of Tax… In this article, you will find where you can find Challan 280 and the exact use of Challan 280. Also check the number for advance tax is 280 or other, and modes of payment for advance

80GG to Claim HRA Tax Refund under Income Tax

Section 80GG Income Tax department of India is really open, when it comes to people asking for Income tax refund paid on such deduction on HRA called as 80GG. This type of section 80GG is really important for any salaried employee who is not receiving any HRA from their company or the employer they are