PAN Aadhaar Link Online on Login to Income Tax India

Complete PAN Aadhaar link online as per the new process in income tax login, Do check why PAN Aadhaar link is mandatory and What to do if the name differs in Aadhaar and PAN Card and not linking through income tax login, also check can we proceed to submit tax returns without Aadhaar?… Aadhaar Card

Income Tax Calculator |Calculate Exact Tax

Income Tax Calculator is an easy way to calculate your tax runs through an estimated based formula, and every employee or individual holding a business needs to fill their IT returns by roughly calculating with help of the Income Tax Calculator. This will make them understand how much tax must pay and how much already

Pay Income Tax Challan 280 Online with New Payment Process

Find the new process for Income tax challan 280 online payment to pay advance tax for individual or business forms or for others modes, Here is the detailed step by step guide on challan 280 payment process to complete the advance tax payment… Advance Tax Payment Indian is becoming modern now with increasing efficiency and

What is Form 16 of Income Tax & Form 16A, 16B Details

Form 16 is one of the very important forms related to income tax payment and it is required while filling for your current year income tax online, So, this is a form which is provided you by the employer that is the company which you are working for in your country. A certain amount of

Challan 280 and Form Use for Advance tax

Challan 280 | Income Tax Challan 280 | Check when you use 280 form for different types of Tax… In this article, you will find where you can find Challan 280 and the exact use of Challan 280. Also check the number for advance tax is 280 or other, and modes of payment for advance