Download Form 26AS from Traces at

Download Form 26AS form Income Tax TRACES Website

Confusing about how to download Form 26AS and password? If yes, then I am here to help you out, Form 26AS is also known as the Annual Statement, issued under Rule 31AB, and it is a consolidated income tax statement that has all the tax related information related to the PAN (Permanent Account Number), also,

Income Tax Customer Care for eFiling, TAN / PAN and Refund


The new Income Tax Customer Care representatives who are well-trained can answer most of your queries about income tax, TAN and PAN along with TRACES customer care number for different services like eFiling… If it is your first time, then you might face a lot of issues or even if not then you can simply

How to File Form 15CA and 15CB in Online Mode

How to File Form 15CA and 15CB

Authorized users may file Form 15CA and 15CB online mode through different simple steps, but have to submit separately in different steps Form 15CA and part c along with Form 15CB. Form 15CB is a certificate to be furnished by an Accountant in cases where any payment/aggregate of payments exceeding ₹5 Lakh in a FY,

Representative Assessee of Income Tax – How to Register

Register as Representative Assessee

Registering as a representative assessee of Income tax allows an individual or entity to act on behalf of another taxpayer in dealings with the Income Tax Department. This may typically done when a person is unable to attend to their tax matters personally. How to Register as a Representative Assessee of Income Tax Here are

TDS Payment Due Date for Deducted Tax

Complete your TDS bill payment before due date according to due date announced by Income Tax department. Also be aware of TDS returns and filling dates of IT dept…. Tax Deducted at Source is a common tax payment that is followed by both an employee and employer together. This TDS is applicable when the company

Income Tax Demand Notice – How to View & Response

Income Tax Demand Notice

The response to the Income Tax Demand Notice received from the department depends on the specific circumstances and the individual or entity involved. Generally, if you receive a notice for an outstanding demand, it is important to address it promptly. Response to Outstanding Demand Income Tax Here are the steps to respond. How to Respond

Verify PAN in 4 Methods and Get PAN Details on Demand

Verify PAN

In the context of Indian taxation and financial concerns, Verify PAN or PAN Verification probably refers to the procedure of confirming a Permanent Account Number (PAN). The Income Tax Department of India issues PANs, which are distinctive ten-character alphanumeric identifiers, to persons, entities, and organizations. Confirming a PAN’s accuracy and authenticity is usually required for

PAN Card for Foreign Citizen now Apply in Online

PAN Card for Foreign Citizen

In this article, we will bring you some details about how to get a PAN card for Foreign citizen with quick steps, where PAN card largely used for financial transactions and income tax purposes. Foreign nationals may be eligible to apply for a PAN card by adhering to the necessary steps outlined by the Income

Income Tax Return Status for Old / New Assessment Year

Income Tax Return Status

The filed income tax return status with the Income Tax Department of India referred to as the ITR status. It reveals if your submitted return processed, and accepted, or whether any additional steps still needed. In this article, we will bring you a detailed process to know the Income Tax Return status and help you

10 Best Tax Saving Options for Salaried in FY 2023-2024

Best Tax Saving Options

Making the most of tax breaks as a salaried worker is necessary for maintaining financial stability and securing a comfortable future. You can significantly decrease your tax bill and raise your disposable income by utilizing a variety of top or best tax saving options that we need as a solution. One strategy to reduce taxes