Generate Rent Receipt to Claim Income Tax (Financial Year)

You can generate rent receipt online in Pdf to submit to the employer to claim income tax for the current financial year, Check the rent receipt format and download pdf… Income tax declaration is pretty important for any person working in this modern world. The company HR will surely ask you to provide recent receipts

Income Tax Calculator to Calculate 2022 AY Tax Slab Amount

Income Tax Calculator is an easy way to calculate your tax runs through an estimated based formula, and every employee or individual holding a business needs to fill their IT returns by roughly calculating with help of the Income Tax Calculator. This will make them understand how much tax must pay and how much already

What is Form 16 of Income Tax & Form 16A, 16B Details

Form 16 is one of the very important forms relates to income tax payment. It requires while filling for your current year income tax online. This is the form provided you by the employer that is the company which you are working for in your country. A certain amount of money deducted by the Government

Link Aadhaar and PAN Number of Income Tax by SMS

Income Tax department allowed the Tax Payer to link Aadhaar number with PAN on SMS, just check the syntax and the process of flow to link on SMS… The Regulation of the Income Tax Department has been made clear that every individual having a profile in the Income Tax must have to get their KYC

OLTAS Challan Status with CIN / TAN View or Banks Enquiry

OLTAS Challan Status available online, Find challan status enquiry through CIN based view and TAN based View and with banks section… OLTAS stands for Online Tax Accounting System. This provides tax payers a chance to pay for all their taxes, income taxes. This may also be able to have an account of payments made through

Download Form 26AS from Traces at

Confusing about how to download Form 26AS and password? If yes, then I am here to help you out, Form 26AS is also known as the Annual Statement, issued under Rule 31AB, and it is a consolidated income tax statement that has all the tax related information related to the PAN (Permanent Account Number), also,