ICICI Credit Card Payment at Bank, Billdesk, UPI, IB & PayTM

Make ICICI Credit card payment through online, billdesk, other banks, Internet banking and also through any UPI…

ICICI is well known to be one of the best banking financial institution, because they have wide range of services which include credit card as well that customers find gratifying to use. If you own an ICICI bank credit card, then you would understand that their payment balance, interest rates and all are provided keeping the customer in profile ensuring better usage.

At the same time if you have used your credit card balance either to pay for something or taken as a loan then you can choose from dozens of different payment methods enabled by the bank to make ICICI bank credit card payment before the due date comes.

ICICI Credit Card Payment

This is in relation to provide credit card users from ICICI with different options to pay their bill dues. In this article we will help you understand more about ICICI credit card online payment methods and how you can use them.

ICICI Credit Card Payment

ICICI has millions of customers across India and world which is why they have provided their customers with dozens of options to pay their credit card bill dues either from online or offline or using third party services.

We will walk you through ICICI credit card online payment methods using ICICI or other third party online services to clear your card dues. You might wonder why we would want to suggest using some third party service?

The answer would be in case the ICICI portal is down and then during those times you can essentially use these services to make your payment easily.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment through BillDesk

You might have used BillDesk to make other bill payments, right? This can be used to make your credit card payment as well.

  1. Open the ICICI credit card billdesk page from https://payments.billdesk.com/vbpsi/customerops/online_iccp_verify_card_vbpsi.jsp
  2. You have to enter your credit card holder name, number, expiry, cvv. Check the agree to terms & conditions, then click on submit button
  3. Next your credit card will be validated by sending an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on next button
  4. Then you will be redirected to their payment page where you have to enter the amount to be paid and click on pay button
  5. Now select the payment option through which you want to complete the credit card payment.

Method 2 – Through Other banks

ICICI has launched a click to pay page through which customers can pay either using ICICI or other banks as well.

  1. Open the ICICI click to pay page from here icicibank.com/online-services/clicktopay/index.page
  2. Click on Online Credit Card Payments option > Scroll to Option 3: Pay your dues online instantly
  3. Select the bank from the drop down option and click on Proceed button
  4. Click on I agree button and on the click to pay page provide your ICICI Bank Credit Card details
  5. Tap on the Pay Now button.
  6. Use your selected bank to make the ICICI card payment.

Method 3 – Through Internet Banking

Follow the steps to know how to use ICICI internet banking to clear your credit card dues.

  1. Open the ICICI official website https://www.icicibank.com/ > login with your account details
  2. Go to the Credit card tab
  3. Select the card and click on Pay now
  4. Tap the account to pay from > Select the payment method and complete the credit card bill payment.

ICICI Credit Card Online Payment through any UPI

You can follow the instructions to learn how to make the credit card payment for ICICI using UPI.

  1. GO to the ICICI tap to pay page from here https://www.icicibank.com/online-services/clicktopay/index_primer.page
  2. Under Credit Card enter your credit card number
  3. Click on Verify and Enter OTP
  4. Enter the amount and click on generate QR code
  5. Open your mobile > select any UPI app and click on scan
  6. Then tap on pay now and finish your payment using UPI

Method 5 – With PayTM

You can also use third party payment services such as PayTM to make your credit card payment.

  1. Open the payments page from here https://paytm.com/credit-card-bill-payment/icici-bank
  2. Enter your credit card number
  3. Then click on proceed and enter the amount that has to pay
  4. Tap on pay and complete the credit card payment

How can I pay an ICICI credit card bill instantly?

In order to make the ICICI credit card payment instantly you need to go to ICICI click to pay page from which you can either select to pay using internet banking, UPI QR code or pay using some other banks well.

How can I pay the ICICI credit card bill from another bank?

You can pay ICICI credit card bill from another bank by going to the click to pay page on ICICI website. Then under the credit card online payment option go to the bottom and select the bank and click on proceed button to complete your payment.

How can I pay my ICICI credit card bill online?

There are different methods such as Internet banking, credit card, debit card, using other banks, click to pay, UPI QR Code and PayTM as well that can be used to make the ICICI bank credit card payment online.

ICICI credit card login process?

You can go to the ICICI website or app and then click on the login button and login with your account details to access your credit cards.

ICICI Credit Card payment through Google Pay UPI?

Yes, you can even use your Google Pay UPI app to make payment for ICICI credit card by using the click to pay page and then select the QR Code option and enter your credit card number and verify it. Then click on generate QR code and scan it with your UPI app to complete your payment using Google Pay UPI.

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