Health Insurance for Parents – Choose and Buy the Best

Opting best health insurance for parents in India is one of the great task and also have to check how to choose the best policy covering all emergencies for senior citizen or below 50 age, Find all the accurate information which we made easy to have an idea to buy the best health insurance for parents…

Health Insurance for Parents

As we grow older, we realize that taking care of our health is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. This becomes even more apparent when we watch our parents age and see their medical needs increase. It is in these moments that we understand the importance of making significant changes to ensure the well-being of our loved ones. One of the best ways we can do this is by purchasing a health insurance plan for our parents, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

When you look online you will find tons of insurance companies with their schemes and policies for the senior citizen health insurance plan but do you think investing your money in any one of them will be a good option? Yes, it would be a good option but before you select any policy you always have to make sure proper information and knowledge is shared regarding the plan you are opting in for.

Anyone who is above the age of 50 years or 60 years plus is called a senior citizen and these are the age of people who certainly need medical assistance, and in this article today we will be discussing how you can select a good insurance plan and what are some of the finest services out there from whom you can buy an insurance plan for your parents. At the same time we will also be discussing different types of health insurance plans that you can buy for your parents.

Health Insurance for Parents
Health Insurance for Parents

Types of Health Insurance for Parents

Before you get into learning which health insurance plan is a good option, you need to understand the basic differences between all the available plans, and in simple words, most of the insurance companies all across Indian and world provide 3 different types of insurances which we will discuss briefly below.

  1. Individual Health Plan – Only one Parent or Family member
    • In this health insurance plan, the coverage for all the health related expenses is only for one individual which can either be your parents or someone from your family as well.
    • It is only a good option if you want to get two of these plans for both of your parents because you cannot raise coverage under a single plan for both the parents under the same year.
    • But at the same time if you can get two individual pans for your parents each then it will be a great idea since both of them can get all the benefits to the fullest of what the coverage can handle.
  2. All Family Health Insurance Plan
    • When you have a family may be a large or a small one then this type of health insurance is a good option because the coverage will be for the whole family and can be used for anyone from your family in times of need, unlike Individual plans where only one person can avail all the benefits, here all family members can get the benefits.
    • The only drawback is that the total coverage from the plan will be divided between the members of the family depending on the need of the situation.
    • One of the reasons why people select this type of insurance is because their whole family can be covered along with their parents as well.
  3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan for Parents
    • All the insurance companies have made a plan suitable for all the senior citizens which can meet all the medical requirements for your parents and anyone who is old.
    • Compared to other plans there are different benefits, features and reasons why this plan is more suitable since it has been designed specially for people for the age of your parents to receive medical treatment without any problem.

So, we would suggest you to select the senior citizen health insurance plan for parents if you are looking for a better plan for your parents.

How to Choose Health Insurance for Parents?

Now that we know about the different types of health insurance plans for parents then we should also know what are the reasons or the benefits to look into a health insurance plan.

  • Zero Cash Hospital fees or Cashless Hospitalization
  • Full Medical bills and hospital charge coverage
  • All medical related expense coverage
  • Ambulance charge coverage
  • Pre-Existing or new disease or existing or new medical treatment coverage fully
  • Hassle free medical coverage without medical tests

Best Health Insurance for Parents

So below are some of the best health insurance plans for parents above the age of 50 in India that you consider while selecting one for your parents as well.

  • Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan
  • New India Assurance – Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy
  • Oriental Insurance – HOPE – Health of Privileged Elders
  • United India Insurance – Senior Citizens
  • Star Health Insurance – Senior Citizens Red Carpet
  • Religare – Care Freedom

Which Health Insurance Plan should I select for Parents?

We have already discussed types of health insurance plans that you can take but for any parent, it is a wise decision to take a Senior citizen health insurance plan which comes with additional benefits and hassle free coverage without any costs during any medical emergencies.

Which health insurance plan is best for parents above the age of 50?

Any health insurance plan that provides and covers all the medical related expenses and benefits is suitable to be taken for your parents, and we have listed out some of the famous senior citizen health insurance plans for age of 50 and above that you can take a look at and select from.

What is the criteria to select any health insurance plan?

One of the most important criteria while selecting a health insurance plan is the coverage and benefits, but along with that you should also make sure you know if the plan is accepted at all your nearby hospitals.

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