HDFC Credit Card Complaint in 4 Modes to Reach Nodal

Let’s do find the different ways to register a HDFC credit card complaint through customer care, email id, website and other to reach the concerned nodal authority for early resolution of the case…

HDFC Bank does provide best customer care service to its prospective customer as well as non account customer, and this service is available on 24*7 for everyone to resolve their query before and after connecting with HDFC Bank.

HDFC Credit Card Complaint

To bring a satisfactory level of customer, HDFC credit card complaint service has been brought to assist everyone in the best way, where the related issues and queries will be addressed through a separate HDFC Customer care which tries to give best possible assistance.

Customers who are having a Credit card with bank account and non-account holders can access the toll-free number to lodge any HDFC Credit Card Compliant.

HDFC Credit Card Complaint

There are multiple ways to connect to HDFC credit card customer care to lodge any complaints in regards of credit card, and thus have a look at each of them correctly and use them as an when they are easily applicable as per your convenience.

HDFC Credit Card Complaint Modes

Complaint ThroughAllowed for
Mobile Number at paid chargesOnly on dialing 61606161
Toll Free Number24*7 Service from any source at 18602676161
EmailSend Email to from your registered email id
Online CompliantLogin with your Credentials
HDFC Credit card Complaint Modes

How to Make HDFC Credit Card Complaint

  • Mobile Number: HDFC Credit Card has two different numbers which paid one and other as toll -free numbers, So customers can use 61606161 to make a call directly which costs you based on applied rates.
  • Toll Free Number: Use 18602676161 which is the Toll-Free number of HDFC Credit Card Customer care, that addresses your call based on the queue. Note that during the call you may asked to enter your HDFC Credit Card number and PIN as well for confirmation.
  • Email: HDFC Credit Card customer can write an email to with your query in description by providing your Card number and Name, thus based on priority and query an executive will call you to address your HDFC Credit Card compliant.
  • Online Compliant: HDFC Credit Card customers can visit the official website and visit the Compliant column to initiate and direct calls or get pre-added query answers, so use the options available to lodge complaints and get Toll-Free numbers based on your location.

My HDFC Credit Card Lost, What Should I Do?

If you have lost your HDFC Credit Card, the very first step is get block card by contacting customer care. If you have got internet banking credentials, then you may block the card online and then make a call to HDFC Credit Card Customer care to inform the same.

Does HDFC Credit Card Support 24 * 7?

Yes, the customer care service of HDFC Credit Card available all around the clock. If any query can also asked through Ask EVA online chat support which will surely resolve in no time.

How to Increase my HDFC Credit Card Limit?

An email may sent to the HDFC Credit Card address by mentioning about the reason to increase your credit card limit, and as well the income proof, PAN along with Government ID proof need to upload in mail to verify and work on to increase your current HDFC Credit Card limit.

9 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card Complaint in 4 Modes to Reach Nodal”

  1. I am Trichy place , In Tamilnadu my credit card amount automatic increase problem immediately action noo action I am credit card surrender my hdfc bank

  2. This is regarding how your bank executive mis- sell the product to customer.

    I got a call one week back stating you will get free credit card upto limit of 1.5lakh to 3 lakh from hdfc bank.

    That too we are offering becouse you are using other bank credit cards which I am using HSBC and IndusIand bank card.

    On this conversation I ready to process further.

    I proceed all the thing and I got the card yesterday which has a limit of only 25000. ( Hdfc indigo card ka- ching)

    What I do with 25000 limit if my existing card limit of other bank upto 1lakh.

    I don’t want this card and please don’t mis- sell such kind of product and please inform your executive don’t do such a wrong practice with customer.

    Executive name is Saeed
    His mobile number – 9867936492

    He is not responding now.

    Please do the needful and revert back.

    sandesh maniyar

  3. I have around Rs 198500 credit in my HDFC credit card account and the banking is delaying refund of the amount. I am now made to beg with the bank for my own money. There is no escalation matrix also.

  4. Recently I applied a personal loan from HDFC. The personal loan executive who was taking care of my case told me that I need to clear my outstanding amount of my credit so that the approval can be done. When I asked the HDFC executive (Personal Loan Exceutive) what is the amount which I need to pay to close my credit card, I was told to pay 1,62,000/- to close. On 5th Jan I paid the said amount and informed the executive to check. After checking the executive informed me that the total outstanding is closed now and I need not ave to pay anything. On 13th Jan I receive a Text message from HDFC stating that there is still 6600/ more to pay to close the card. I tried to reach out to the customer care but in vain. There are only option to punch but no option to speak to a customer care executive. I then wrote a mail to “”. what I receive is a auto generated mail. This is really pathetic service provided by HDFC. Even when I go to the HDFC Office no body is bothered to listen.

    I am trying to reach out to the concerned office for requesting them to waive off the amount of 6600/- which got generated after I paid 1,62,000/-

    So please advise should I reach out to Bankers Ombudsman, RBI Greviance cell or the Nodal Officer in-charge.

  5. The present system does not give you the option of speaking to a human, in any of the options, The presume machines can understand and meet all requirements of individuals.

  6. Sir,
    My credit card has been lost and I am trying to call customer care but every time the call has not connected, I will pay the credit card payment 7th of September but I have not any details of credit card. Sir, please help me I don’t want to miss any payment and explain to me how can I pay credit card payment.


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