Haryana Stamp Duty Calculator to Check Property Registration Charges

Haryana Stamp duty calculator is mandatory before going for property registration during the purchase process. In case of buying a property, the buyer has to be aware of the registration process and the mandate processing fees for stamp duty along with registration.

These stamp duty in Haryana state does differ based on the property area and moreover on the market value of the property mentioned in Jamabandi Haryana portal.

No property document may accepted for the registration in Registrar office, until the stamp duty charges paid. The amount of stamp duty may easily known from the revenue office which you can learn more from this article about Haryana stamp duty calculator process.

Let us go with the process to calculate the Haryana Stamp duty charges when you’re on the way to register your property or going to buy a new property in Haryana state.

Haryana Stamp Duty Calculator

  1. Visit official website of Haryana Jamabandi with jamabandi.nic.in
  2. Tap on Property Registration
  3. Select Haryana Stamp duty calculator and then wait to load
  4. Enter transaction value of property and select the municipality area
  5. Now select gender as Male or Female, and then tap on culture
  6. The stamp duty charges for your Haryana property may update

The Government of Haryana imposed Stamp Duty charges on the property for all legal translations. As per the Section 3 of Indian Stamp Act 1899, the states are mandatory for all legal possessions of property once the payment of stamp duty paid.

The rate of stamp duty does depend on the area of property which might be Urban, Rural and does also make changes with commercial or residential property.

Haryana Stamp Duty Rates

  • Stamp duty charges for urban area is 7 percent for Male applicant and 5% for female Applicant
  • charges for rural areas are 5 percent for male applicants and 3 percent for female applicants.
  • Stamp duty for sale cum conveyance deed in rural areas is 5 percent and 7 percent in urban area
  • Gift deed is 3 percent in rural area and 5 percent in urban areas
  • Stamp duty for Exchange deed is 6 percent in rural area and 8 percent in urban areas
  • General power of attorney does have stamp duty of Rs 300 for both Rural and Urban areas
  • Special power of attorney does have Rs 100 as stamp duty for both rural and urban area
  • Partnership deed does impose stamp duty of 22.50 RS in both urban and rural areas
  • Loan agreement of property does have Rs 100 in urban and rural areas as stamp duty

Factors affecting Haryana Stamp Duty

Here are some factors which do affect the Haryana Stamp Duty charges and might bring changes to the value.

  • The stamp duty may decide based on the age of the property
  • The type of area such as urban, rural, developed and sub-urban areas
  • The property usage such as commercial or residential affect stamp duty
  1. Is Haryana Stamp Duty allow for tax exemption?

    Yes, the Section 80C of Income tax act 1961, stamp duty along with registration fees of the party allowed under tax deduction for a limit of 1,50,000 INR. This may have to process in the year of registration for the tax exemption but not the year after.

  2. Does Haryana Stamp Duty apply with GST charges?

    GST not applicable for the stamp duty imposed by the registration office in Haryana state. This may Government imposed tax for the registration of property and thus no excess charges applied for the same, as it becomes a dual tax on registration.

  3. Can I delay paying Haryana stamp duty charges?

    Until the property owner goes under registration makes the Haryana stamp duty charges. They will not allow to go through the registration process. Birth registration and stamp duty charges mandatory to pay before proceeding for registration.