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Government of Punjab has brought the ePunjabSchool login portal to have easy processing of management and operations in Schools. This official portal designs for students, teachers, and school administration.

There are services ask to handle with the help of ePunjabSchool portal. It is looking towards the infrastructure, attendance, grievances, and other such options. There are numerous private and government schools in the State of Punjab. It is all to have their administration under ePunjabSchool portal, and this initiative has been taken up.

This brings a wide option for students to know their details. It may provide a clear view for the teachers about their students along with their respective grievances raised.

ePunjabSchool Login

ePunjabSchool Login

The long way into the ePunjabSchool portal is through two different ways. The very first way is by visiting the official website of ePunjabSchool portal. The second method is by using the mobile application of ePunjabSchool.

Method 1: ePunjabSchool Login from Portal is very easy. Just need to open any of the browsers on your device and follow the below steps to access the portal.

  1. Visit epunjabschool.gov.in to open the page
  2. Now click on Login option and select your way of login form list
  3. Enter your credentials and click on login button to proceed
  4. That’s it, ePunjabSchool portal with your respective login details, and here you can choose any option from your page to open.

Method 2: The very second way to access the ePunjabSchool portal by using the mobile application of the ePunjabSchool. Here is the process which will guide you to login through ePunjabSchool mobile App.

  1. Visit the App Store and download the ePunjabSchool in your device
  2. Now launch the ePunjabSchool App and agree its Terms to Load
  3. Here enter your user credentials and click on login to proceed
  4. The ePunjabSchool Mobile App page loaded with all details
  5. That’s it, the ePunjabSchool Login page loads from its mobile Application. Now you can proceed to use any kind of data from list provided.

ePunjabSchool Office Login

If you’re a member of School administration or office, then you can use the below process to login into ePunjabSchool portal.

  1. Visit the official website of ePunjabSchool portal to open in browser
  2. Click on Login and then select School/Office form the drop-down list
  3. Provide your username and password along with Captcha Code
  4. Click on Login button and wait for few seconds to load
  5. That’s it, with your school or office login credentials been successful. It gives you all authority about your access to the page.

ePunjabSchool Login Type

The ePunjabSchool office portal has divided the access type based on the authorities of the office. The login differs from student to staff along with having different credentials for vocational staff.

School or Office Login – School Administration and Officials can use this link to login into the ePunjab School.

Staff Login – School staff including teachers and other office members can use this link

Vocational Login – Teachers who come on vocational training can use this login to access the ePunjab School page.

Mid-Day Meal Login – Mid Day Meal official must use this login to update their data

PSEB Login – PSEB official can use this link too long to ePunjab School

Finance Login – Scholl Finance official who manage the salary and fees of students can use this link

BM/DM Login – The DM has access to ePunjab School to check the official processing of every school

Nodal Login – Nodal officers for that zone can use this link to login to the ePunjab School.

Teaching Practice Login – Any new teacher who is joining the Punjab school can use this link to access.

Does ePunjabSchool have a separate login for students?

ePunjabSchool doesn’t have any separate link to the students studying in the schools. The details of students managed by school staff and other members of the teaching staff. Therefore there is no separate link for the students to access the ePunjabSchool.

Can I get online admission from ePunjabSchool portal?

Yes, students who want to join any school under the governing of ePunjabSchool Portal can use the Online Admission link. The link provides in the official page of ePunjabSchool. This must fill by the student with their details. Based on their details the availability will check and the admission process may processed.

Can I raise grievances against my School in ePunjabSchool?

The student or their parents have full authority to raise their concern on behavior of school. They can make use of the official contact details of the Coordinator from the respective district to lodge complaints against schools. The complaint taken by the authority and the respective necessary action taken on them as soon as possible.

Is there a separate website for my selected school?

The ePunjabSchool is only a one-stand for every school that comes under the consideration of the ePunjabSchool portal. The separate school pages created and may directly visit by using the ‘useful links’ tab from the ePunjabSchool portal page. This website does give you every detail about the school and their respective information must look at before joining.

How to download the ePunjabSchool Mobile App?

If you want to access the ePunjabSchool from your mobile, then use the link to download the mobile application. Just tap on the App Store and get the link to your device. This will help you to download original Application and get install rather than searching it from the App Store.

Does ePunjabSchool Portal provide a Map Facility?

The Mapping GIS link is available in the ePunjabSchool which gives you a direct link to locate your selected school. Students can just select their school and know their exact location. This makes it easier to find the school and get admission.