Check Union Bank New IFSC Code on SMS

How to check Union Bank New IFSC Code on SMS for erstwhile Andhrabank or Corporation Bank After Amalgamation of Andhrabank and Corporation bank into Union Bank of India from 01.04.2020, the IFSC codes were changed of both the banks. Here you can find Union Bank New IFSC Code on SMS simply. Even the new IFSC

List of Foreign Banks in India with Commercial Operations

Foreign Banks in India do make a share of 7% in the total Indian Banking Sector, whereas giving a profit of 11% to Indian economy, and there are only 1% branch network of Foreign Banks in India, as they are mostly niche players by focusing more on trade finance, wholesale lending, external commercial borrowing, treasury

Maharashtra Bank Holidays 2021 declared as per NI Act

No.PHD. 1119/C. R.69/Desk-29 – In exercise of the powers entrusted to it by the Government Of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Vide its Notification No.39/I/68/JUDI-3, dated of the 8th May 1968, the Government of Maharashtra hereby declares the following days as Public Holidays in the State of Maharashtra during the calendar year 2021 Name of

Puducherry Public Holidays for Bank in 2021 as per NI Act

In excerisce of the powers confered by the explanation to section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (No. XXVI of 1881), read with the notification of the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, SRO No.F.G.P.54/99636/701, date 31-12-1955, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Union territory of Puducherry hereby declares the undermentioned days in Calendar Year

What is Debit Card, Types of Debit Cards & Advantages

A Debit Card is a plastic card having your saved information which when accessed through ATM machine or similar machines with unique PIN, does make your transactions successful. It is a payment method that allows customers to deduct the money from their respective bank account whenever required for purchase of goods or withdrawal of money.