Amazon A to Z Employee Resource Center Contact Number

Amazon A to Z is the upgraded version of Amaze through which all Amazon employees can access their HRMS portal that helps to keep track of their schedule, timings, payments, bank accounts, IRS, SSN, and a lot more required for the proper functioning of your role.

Moreover, you can even apply for leaves and a lot more but what if there is an issue with your Amazon A to Z account access?

If so, then the best option would be to reach out to Amazon A to Z customer support who will be glad to help you walk through any issues you might face.

Amazon A to Z Employee

A to Z Customer Support Care

Amazon has created an Amazon employee resource center which is also well known as Amazon ERC which is a guided support center portal and also a directory of customer support numbers spread across the world to help employees such as yourself who might be facing an issue with Amazon A to Z access or any other issue.

CountryERC Contact Number
United States of America18888927180
United Kingdom08081453744, 02078553100
Costa Rica8000150702
Czech Republic800701388, 228882253
Ireland1800947784, 16531446
Poland8001124676 or 128811161
South Africa800988812
Germany08000009781, +498912085603
France0800907578, +33170394957

How to Find Amazon A to Z Customer Support Care

  1. Go to Amazon A to Z login page from here
  2. Under the login page, click on Need help? View our FAQ option
  3. Under the Frequently Asked Questions popup, scroll down until you find ERC Contact Information
  4. Now from ERC Contact Information find the country you are in and then find the ERC Contact Information for that country with the country code

Simply call the number and run them down through the issue you are facing and the customer care for Amazon ERC would be happy to help you resolve the issue.

When can I call the Amazon ERC customer care number

When you select your country Amazon ERC contact care number from Amazon A to Z FAQ page you can also see the time available as Days and Date during which the customer care contact number will be available for them to pick your call.

Can Amazon ERC help reset my Amazon A to Z password?

No, they can walk you through the process, but cannot reset your Amazon A to Z password by themselves as the password reset requires an activation code from your registered mobile number or email address as per the process.

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