UMID Card Hospital List for Railway and Private Empanelled

Providing UMID card hospital list regarding Railway Hospitals and list of private hospitals which are empanelled with search option accordingly with specialty and zone…

If you have registered and received your UMID card from Indian Railways then you should now understand how and where it may used.

If you or your family members with the UMID card have medical needs, then they can select any of the hospitals from the UMID Card hospital list to receive medical treatment.

The reason you need to select and receive medical treatment from one of the UMID Card empanelled hospitals is that only at these hospitals or even diagnostic centers the UMID card is applicable.

It means that Indian Railways has tied up with this list of UMID Card empanelled hospitals to provide medical treatment, benefits and services against their UMID card.

UMID Railway Private Hospital List

One of the important reasons why you should review UMID Railway Private hospital list is to ensure the hospitals accept UMID health and medical card for medical services, benefits and more. Such hospitals which accept the UMID card services called Railway Empanelled Hospital.

The Indian Railways has empanelled hospitals for diagnostic centers/treatments across India in different states, zones and cities based on their specialty, type and division that may used with UMID Indian Railways health and medical card.

Importantly you will need to find the list of private empanelled hospital for railway employees by railway board that you can use for this card service and benefits.

The quick method is to visit Indian Railways Empanelled or tie up Hospital list page by filtering out the hospital by given options to find the one as per your preference based on Zone, State, Speciality, Division, City and Type (Diagnostic Center or Hospital) as well.

Here is the list released by UMID official website by Indian Railways with easy search option that has all the UMID card empanelled hospitals list from page

UMID Railway Private Hospital List

UMID Card Railway Hospital List

You will need to find the Railway hospital list that is both near to your city, region or location and the type of hospital or specialist as well to receive proper treatment based on your diagnosis.

Even in case if you want just a diagnosis you can even find the diagnostic center through the search option in Pdf document.

Below is the PDF copy of UMID Railway hospital list where you can use your UMID health and medical card benefits, services and more. from

Is Railway hospital only for railway employees?

No, other government employees other than Indian Railway department employees can also use Railway hospitals.

How to Use UMID Card in Private Hospital

You will first have to find the private hospital empanelled by Indian Railways and approach them along with your UMID card download copy or in original for estimation, and then once you receive your diagnosis plan with costs or pricing or invoices, then reach out to their billing and sales department to use UMID card and ask them to showcase the process as well.

Once if you select one of the UMID card empanelled private hospitals and they will allow you to use your UMID card to receive medical treatment, health benefits, medical services and more.

  1. Join the patient in the UMID Railway private empanelled hospital along with the above said documents (UMID Card, Patient ID and Address Proof) for cashless treatment.
  2. Hospital authority will raise an pre approval invoice to Department
  3. Private hospital will start the treatment, and after completion of treatement, Hospital billing authority will send the final invoice to Railway for approval and payment
  4. After payment according to the agreements, if any balance may paid by the patient and discharge from the hospital.

Does the UMID Card Provide Free Service in Private Hospitals?

Once you consult the private hospital for diagnosis and treatment, you will receive the cost or invoice which you need to discuss with the private hospital billing and sales department to understand how much can UMID card support for the cost or invoice and how much you need to put from your end as per your department approval.

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