Mumbai to Pune Taxi with Best Route and Taxi Fare

Mumbai to Pune taxi travel along with road distance between two cities and the best route with taxi fare is available in brief. Choose the best service from reputed taxivalla…

Are you looking forward to traveling from Mumbai to Pune? It might seem a lot at first because the distance is so much. But if you able to find best route and fine taxi service at a reasonable cost, and this may pleasant ride. But that’s not so easy if this is your first time traveling such a distance.

Because you will have to look at a lot of things. This may like such as the route which may inter-city or highway and the taxi service as well. In this article, we will learn more about the best route, taxi fares, distance, and time for travel from Mumbai to Pune city.

Mumbai to Pune Taxi

Best Route from Mumbai to Pune by Taxi

You will learn more about the route and distance from Mumbai to Pune with suitable options to go by Taxi. There are two routes through which you can travel from Mumbai to Pune, out of which the fastest way is to go through the Mumbai highway to Pune.

In case if you live in the insides of the city, then traveling distance, time and cost increases as well. So anyone would suggest you pick the highway route to be the fastest as the roads are large. You can find a lot of taxis or cabs who want to travel through that route at the available prices.

Mumbai to Pune Taxi Fare

Traveling from one city to another has never been easier with so many taxi and cab services available. So, if you want to travel directly from Mumbai city to Pune city then look about 151 kilometers in distance. This will cost you somewhere around INR 1500 – 2500 depending on taxi service and the type of taxi as well.

If you select any luxury cab service which may not offered by Ola or Uber, then you will have to pay the high range. This may vary from somewhere around INR 2000 to 2500. But if you want to travel in normal, upbeat way in any normal cab. You can select between Ola or Uber or a normal Taxi for hire which will charge you around INR 1500 to 2000.

Mumbai to Pune taxi time?

If you are looking to travel in a taxi from Mumbai to Pune, then you are looking to spend around 3 hours in travel.

How long is the Mumbai airport to Pune in a Taxi?

In terms of time, the Mumbai airport to Pune in taxi may somewhere around 3.5 hours. While in distance it is around 151 kilometers which is a lot for a trip.

Best Taxi services for Mumbai to Pune?

If you want to work with online taxi or cab services then Ola or Uber are highly suggestible. But in case if you want to book a local service then Meru Cabs Savaari may prefer.

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