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Earn with Meesho. Just open to App with Meesho seller login to get earnings on sale products for online shopping at on mesmerizing products…

What is Meesho

Meesho as you know has become India’s largest eCommerce marketplace app that helps to cross sell through WhatsApp and Facebook.

This has become a platform of collaborations for resellers and suppliers. More than 1 crore resellers across India are using this app in order to promote different products across various categories.

So if you are someone who knows how to use Facebook and WhatsApp then reselling products on Meesho App across 5000 towns in India would be great to earn as much as 15,000 per month. In this article we will help you learn about the Meesho reseller program and how does someone become a seller on this platform.

Meesho Seller Login

Follow the instructions to become a Meesho seller to start earning commissions from sales you help make.

  1. Install Mesho app and complete registration

    Install the Meesho app on your device and then register with the required details

  2. Fill the banking details

    Go to the Banking details section and add your bank details then only you can start making money

  3. Generate Logo

    Click on generate logo and business card that may use for a product that you make a sale

  4. Login Mesho App

    Start browsing Meesho app

  5. Check Products

    Find different products that you want to share with others

  6. Share the link

    Click on the Share button and a unique link may generate to share with anyone across any social media platform

  7. Receive commission on sale

    Once any sale is made through your link you will receive a commission based on the product category commissions rate set by the app

Meesho Supplier Login

If you are a supplier of Meesho app then you can go through the app process. You may follow below steps to login via browser as well.

  1. Open the Meesho supplier page from here
  2. Click on the Meesho login button
  3. enter your email address, password
  4. click on login

How Mesho Works

Meesho seller or reseller are the same terms for individuals who want to share the products from the Meesho app and promote it to other customers in order to sell these.

The process to sell through this platform is quite simple for anyone who might just be sitting at home as well.

You have to install the Meesho seller login through app and then register with your mobile number and required details. Once logged into your account you can go and browse from different products available on the platform and simply click on the Share button to share the links to others to make them buy.

A few of the reasons why someone should become a Meesho seller is because they can start earning with zero investments. You can start promoting to anyone through any possible channel using your link and earn commissions on each sale made.

What is the Meesho Seller Payment Cycle?

As a reseller, all the products that you sell through online payment method. This will credit the commission rate on the same day itself. On the other hand in case of products where COD is the mode of payment. The commission rates added after 10 days once the delivery boy receives the total amount and due commissions to you handed over after those days.

Meesho Seller Commission Calculator

The Meesho Seller commission rates not defined by the company but by the reseller itself.

  • Once you share a product and go to the final checkout page you have the option in the final price to also include your commission amount.
  • Enter your preferred commission for the product not more than 7% – 15% of the product price
  • Then share the final link and this is how you can define your own commissions on Meesho.

Meesho App

If you want to resell products then you can only login through the Meesho seller login app on Android or iOS OS. Follow the instructions on how to access the reseller account.

  1. Open Google Play store and search for Mesho or use the link
  2. Click on Install
  3. Tap on Open
  4. Click on Account and Sign Up or If already a user, Just sign in
  5. Enter your account username and password
  6. Enter OTP sent to your mobile number and now logged into your reseller account.
  7. Browse categories and shop online
  1. How do I search for seller products on Meesho?

    If you want to find seller products then go to the for You section from the app. Else click on the search icon on the top right corner through which you can find the seller products.

  2. How do I contact Meesho Supplier?

    You can only be able to contact the Meesho service directly but not the supplier. If you still wish to contact the supplier then you can call them at their customer care to raise request to contact the supplier.

  3. What is the Meesho Supplier Customer Contact Number?

    You can contact Meesho supplier customer care by either calling the Meesho service at 080 61799600 and requesting the details.

  4. Who is Meesho Reseller?

    Meesho resellers are those users who can download the app, browse through products and share the selling link across other channels to earn commissions made per sale.

  5. Can Meesho Supplier Login Page entry available?

    If you are a Meesho supplier then you can open this link to login with your email address and password to access your Meesho supplier account.

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