How Long to Boil Eggs Simply for Hard Boiled Eggs

Do you know the simple process about how long to boil eggs, just check here upto which degrees did eggs will boil to peel…

Eggs have to be boiled for an estimated time to get them properly cooked. To get firm Yolks and whites the eggs have to be boiled for an accurate time. In case if the eggs are boiled over for time, then the yolks will blow out. Thus having the eggs properly boiled will even help you to peel the eggs in an easy way as mentioned by our simple guide as below. If you have medium size eggs you can boil it for 7 minutes and if the egg is large then you can boil it for 8 minutes.

In the case of very large eggs they have to be boiled for over 10 minutes to cook properly. Eggs should not be placed directly into the cold water before they are going to be boiled, as the water will take much longer time to boil. Eggs are to be boiled until 100 degrees to make them fully boiled and easy to peel the shell. Below is the process for Hard boiled eggs to make them properly cooked.

How to Boil Eggs

  1. Place eggs in a bowl and fill it with cold or normal water
  2. Make sure the water is above 1 inch in bowl form Eggs
  3. Ignite the flame and then let it boil for until heated well
  4. Keep the flame until the water starts bubbling in the bowl
  5. Now stop the flame and remove the eggs from hot water
  6. Place the eggs in cold water and wait until they are cooled
  7. Now start peeling off the tongs form eggs
  8. Make sure to tap eggs on hard item and peel the shell

It is advised to add salt in the water when you’re trying for Hard Boiled Eggs. Salt in water will keep the water heated up and make sure the Eggs get boiled properly. Adding salt has to be properly managed, as excess salt will change the taste of Whites and Yolks.