GWMC Payslip Print Online with Employee Code at

Download or Print GWMC payslip online for April 2024 without login or registration. Just open webpage and get your GWMC salary slip for the required month to till date…

Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation has got numerous employees who are working in different services of the municipality, and Managing them all together is always a huge task, as GWMC does maintain the real-time problems of citizens.

Thus getting every part of the service online, the employee Pay Slip is also now available. The permanent employees of GWMC can directly use this feature and know their latest salary statement online.

GWMC Payslip Download

GWMC Payslip for every employee is available online using their DTO number or their employee code. Below are the detailed steps that will let you know how to print the GWMC salary slip.

  1. Visit Telangana Treasury Webpage at
  2. Enter Employee Code
  3. Here select the Month and Year of Pay Slip to view
  4. Click on Submit to Get Pay Slip and wait for your details to fetched
GWMC Pay Slip Download Online
GWMC Salary Slip Online Download Process

With this above simple process, GWMC Salary Slip for the selected month & year for the respective employee will display on the screen. The employees can anytime use this option to view their past GWMC pay slips as well.

So, with this, the employees serving the GWMC Area can now obtain the online benefits from the official portal. The same portal is also open for the citizens of the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation zone. Where they can reach out to too many services provided online.

Do we require a Password to view GWMC Salary Slip?

No, there is no password requires to view the Pay Slip from the GWMC Portal. Employees just need to have their employee code to access the Pay Slip from the official portal and to view their respective pay slip of any month of year.

Can Temporary employees have access to GWMC Salary Slip?

The GWMC Payslip is only available for the employees serving the Department on a permanent basis. As the municipality include many temporary workers, their data isn’t available in the portal to view online.

Does GWMC Payslip is an official proof of salary?

Yes, the GWMC Payslip for respective employees is a direct source of their income being credited to their salary account. The downloaded Pay Slip is a proof of payment that an employee is going to get for that month. It includes every detail of deduction and addition.