SIP Calculator to Calculate Systematic Investment Plan Future Earnings

SIP Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan is an investment scheme that offers by mutual fund companies, and SIP calculator does help the investors to invest in small amounts which make invested on weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The SIP does offer disciplined and passive approach for trial investor who does approach investing and creating some wealth in

CAGR Calculator – Calculate your Investments Compound Annual Growth Rate

CAGR is refereed as mean annual growth of investment over the specified time duration, and the interest under CAGR is calculated with CAGR Calculator which to be compound per year and it takes time values of money into consideration. The return generated on fixed amount can be shown at the end of the year. The

Car Loan Calculator to Check Total Interest as per Scheduled Loan

Car Loan calculator is the best option to check and decide the installment you to plan earlier before going loan. Car Loan EMI calculator gives you, what’s the interest you have to pay for entire period of loan… In recent days having an Car Loan on your name is much easier. If you have got

Income Tax Calculator to Calculate 2023 AY Tax Slab Amount

Income Tax Calculator is an easy way to calculate your tax runs through an estimated based formula, and every employee or individual holding a business needs to fill their IT returns by roughly calculating with help of the Income Tax Calculator. This will make them understand how much tax must pay and how much already

What is CAGR and How to Calculate CAGR on Investment

CAGR Full form It is abbreviated as Compound Annual Growth Rate relates to the investments. CAGR does tell how much profit earned at a constant rate for a long term or given period. Compound Annual Growth Rate does show how much a person’s investment has grown in a specific period. This may easily described as

LIC Maturity Calculator to get Policy Maturity Earnings

Calculate the final earnings of your insurance policy on the LIC maturity calculator, Find the maturity amount calculation formula… LIC India offers different life insurance policies to its users who can choose the policy depending on different factors such as term, premium and coverage for the family. But before you choose your policy you should

SWP Calculator to Find the Earnings to Redeem with Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Calculate your mutual fund earnings and check in SWP calculator to redeem with Systematic Withdrawal Plan, Find the new conditions and how does SWP calculator works for a individual investor, and when you have to use the SWP scheme of your mutual fund investment… SWP stands for Systematic Withdrawal Plan, and it is a feature

PPF Calculator to Calculate PPF Deposit Interest & Principal Amount

Here is the new PPF calculator to calculate your hard earnings on PPF deposit as per new interest rates of 2019 for your PPF account in SBI / Post Office / HDFC bank etc without any finotax software, Also check what is the formula to calculate PPF and how interest is calculated… PPF Calculator Now

Car Insurance Calculator to Check Insurance Yearly Premium

What is the car insurance premium calculation formula with or without personal information in online calculator as per the new price list for zero depreciation coverage for yearly, also check what are the factors to consider for car insurance premium calculator… There is a premium amount set for every Car Insurance brought, and the premium

Personal Loan EMI Calculator to Calculate Interest & Instalment

Find your monthly interest and installment on the Personal Loan EMI calculator before sanctioning of personal loan to get a clear idea, how much you have to pay till the loan ends… A Personal loan may given to individuals who are in business specifies to employ by an organization. Any individual who is seeking to