PFMS Helpdesk (Toll Free Number / Email) for CSEAT / EIS

Toll Free PFMS helpdesk is live. Check CSEAT and EIS helpline phone number to resolve the queries on demand…

As you already know, PFMS is an accounting software portal which manages both finances and the flow of funds from both the Government and Citizens such as you.

So, if you are an agency or a normal citizen who has issues tracking their payments then you can follow this guide to learn more about the PFMS customer care. The PFMS organization created its own help desk system through which they answer questions, queries and issues that raised by citizens to resolve quickly.

PFMS Helpdesk

PFMS Helpdesk

Service TypeHelpdesk
Toll Free number1800118111
CSEAT helpdesk011 65678001, 65678002
CSEAT queries
EIS Phone / Fax011 23343860

Follow the process below that will help you understand the process to follow to make use of the PFMS helpdesk. You can reach out to PFMS when you have any issue that does not enable to track or manage your payments through platform.

Toll Free Phone Number for PFMS Helpdesk

The helpdesk has their own toll free phone number that is 1800118111. This may use directly to call to reach out to the help desk. If you have any CSEAT queries then you can call them at 65678001, 65678002.

Email Address for PFMS Helpdesk

If you want to reach out to the helpdesk through email then you can email them at Also you can go to for CSEAT queries.

Who is the administrator of PFMS?

There is no allotted administrator for PFMS. There are AOs assign for each state whose details found under the Helpdesk > Help Desk for Pr.AOs, PAOs, DDOs & PDs page.

What is PMFS EIS Helpdesk?

In case if you are an employee from PFMS then you would be using EIS which is employee information system. If you have any issues then you can reach out directly via or at 1800118111. The PFMS employee information system sometimes might have issues. If you want to resolve these issues, or else submit a feedback or general query then you can reach out to the PFMS EIS helpdesk by calling 011 23343860.

What the contact number PFMS Delhi?

There is only a central helpdesk for the PFMS helpdesk that uses toll free number and email address. This may use to reach out to the PFMS helpdesk. Their central helpdesk toll free number is 1800118111 and email address is

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  1. Your service wrost goverment wast time and money to your department no one capable to provide right information your toll free no one is picking the phone pliz improve your service

  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to now the reason about the status of payment of my scholarship.
    My account is validated and my name is matched as per NSP guidlines. My Token number and scholarship amount was sanctioned was also mentioned too However, in Scholarship Payment Status, it was written that payment file rejected at PFMS. Rejection reason returned by PFMS:-NA.
    I would be delighted to hear from you.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Yours faithfully
    Joshua Mangsuankhai

  3. Sir my nsp id AS201xxxxxxx9.sir payment file rejected at pfms. rejection reason returned by the pfms. NA ministry -further necessary action. Sir what i do pls.


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