PR Full Form, Find Meaning and Various PR Full Forms

PR Full Form

PR full form is Public Relations which is a practice of arranging the reach of information between companies or individuals or between public and audience. PR is also an art of strategic management of relationships between the targeted audience and companies. Public relation firms help the individual and businesses such as politicians, influencers, celebrities to

ITC Full Form and the History of ITC

ITC refers to the Indian Tobacco Company which was incorporated on August 24, 1910. ITC was earlier called Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited and the name India Tobacco Company has progressively come front as the ownership changed. The company is headquartered in Kolkata and it has presence across the Indian industries such as Hotels,

NGO Full Form, NGO Types, Operations & Advantages

NGO Full form Full form of NGO is Non Governmental Organization and it is an independent organization which is a nonprofit group. These NGOs also referred to as civil societies and organized at national, Community or international level with an aim to serve for social or political growth by meeting environmental or humanitarian causes. NGO