HRA Calculator for City House Rent Allowance and Exemption

HRA Calculator

You can find your working city house rent allowance in the HRA calculator provided, Enter your basic pay and select your working-class city type, then your applicable HRA will be available as per your PRC… House Rental Allowance is a component of salary which is a part of their net amount besides their Basic salary.

How an Employee Check In the Baggage in Airport?

Faced some problem when I entered into Airport to check in my baggage and presenting the process identified to overcome if you are an employee or individual traveling outside your city or country… This guide may surely make use of air travel for faster means. In the same sense, you might puzzled mind for starters

Australia Work VISA & Types of Work Permit for Employee

Find about what are the types of Australia Work Visa, Check which is required to apply for an employee to work in a company in overseas and how long does it take to get a work visa in Australia… Australia Work VISA There are numerous Australia work permit visas which need to select as per

Wage Relief for Worker, What it is & How Supports by Government

Find about what is wage relief and when it is applicable to employee or worker of Govt or private. Check how wage relief supported by Government with a scheme… The recent pandemic situation has brought various changes in the economy, which majorly affected the employment sector. There have been thousands of individuals who have lost

Latest DA for Meghalaya Govt Employees 2023 and Pensioner DR

Do check latest DA for Meghalaya Govt employees 2023 rates for working category as per 5th MPC scales and DR for retired pensioner / family pensioner as per 6th CPC in mentioned table… Finance ministry of Meghalaya State Government made an announcement for the hike of latest DA for Meghalaya Govt employees and pensioners. The

Manipur DA Rate 2023 for Employee and Pensioner DR

List of Manipur DA rate 2023 and DR Rates presented as per the recent current announcement. Check the % in Dearness Allowance / Relief with new effective date applicable to employee and pensioner… Manipur State Chief Secretary has recently issued the order of Dearness Allowance which is payable to the state government employees and respective

BSNL VRS Calculator to Calculate Benefits of Voluntary Retirement

Are you looking for the BSNL VRS Calculator? If yes, then I am here to help you out, In this article, you will find the BSNL VRS Calculator, which will help you to calculate the benefits of a voluntary retirement scheme or VRS using the new VRS Formula as per Gujarat Model. As well as

DA Rates in Tamilnadu with New Table for Government Employees

DA rates in Tamilnadu updated for new pay scales, Find sanctioned revised DA rates from Jan 2016 to till date in Tamilnadu applicable to above 16 lakhs State Government employees, Teachers and Pensioners / Family Pensioners in Tamilnadu who will benefit through new DA rates in Tamilnadu. An expenditure of above 7100 crores+ said to