What is a Hanging Indent?

The hanging indent used for indent all lines of a paragraph remaining the first line. Hanging indents used to visually divide reference entries from APA, MLA, Chicago Style reference list.

A paragraph has so many lines but the first indent in word processing has so many word processors that gives negative indentation by specifying to first line of every paragraph.

You can simply create hanging indents by following our article carefully. When you create a hanging indent, the first line of the paragraph, the next line starts with 0.5 inches (1.27 cms) subsequent.

Hanging Indent

Like that every line of paragraph starts with 0.5 subsequent except first line. Actually, the user uses single line spacing by default. But the user wants to includes additional fixed spacing option of every line of a paragraph. Now let’s have a look on the different methods to create hanging indent Google docs or in word or in Google slides, which we have discussed separately

What is Shortcut Indent?

This is the easy Method to create a hanging indent on Google Docs. You can also create a hanging indent in google docs using a keyboard shortcut. Place the cursor where you want to create the hanging indent (the end of the first line).

You may press Ctrl+T to apply a hanging indent of a paragraph.

This shortcut key moves all lines to the next tab and stops except the first line.

If you hold pressing Ctrl+T, the word will hold indenting through tab stop to the right. Press Ctrl+Shift+T to decrease or delete the indent (move to the left)

How do you Insert a Hanging Indent

Where do you want to insert a hanging indent

  1. Select that paragraph
  2. Click on the Home Button.
  3. Go to a Paragraph dialogue box
  4. Click on the below-right corner arrow.
  5. Paragraph dialogue box displays on your screen and press on the indent and spacing option.
  6. Just tap on the below Special Option.
  7. Select the Hanging option, there you can give the indent value using the by field
  8. Click on the OK to complete the process to complete Hanging Indent.