Transit Visa – Find When You Require, How to Get Transit Visa

Transit VISA Meaning

Transit Visa is an essential document which the tourist requires to go through one country while travelling to another country. It should kept in mind that Visa only allows you to move through particular country, but not to stay.

Ex: If any tourist wishes to go to another country but needs to travel through the US or UK, then it becomes mandatory for him to have the Visa.

When do you Require a Transit Visa

Now the question arises when should the tourist require a Visa. The passenger must have visa when travellers itinerary includes a layover in another country on their way to their final destination. Although the traveler will not leave the airport, but still according to norms of the relevant country he/she still needs permission to stay there during layover.

The Transit visa rules vary from one country to another. These rules depend upon the country you are visiting; which citizenship you are having & how long you are staying in the layover.

If the layover is less than 24 hrs & the tourist does not leave the airport, a visa may not be required in some countries but on the contrary it is necessary to take visa even if the layover is less than 24 hrs & don’t go out of the airport.

There is also different rule of getting visa which varies with countries. In some countries you can obtain a visa upon arrival while in others you have to apply for & receive the visa before you arrive in the country. If in dilemma whether you require a visa or not, you need to check with the embassy of the country that you need to travel through.

This is only for transacting through the airport. But in case the passengers want to spend time & enjoy the beauty of the country then they must require a different VISA.

How to Get a Transit Visa

First of all, you should make sure that you require this visa. The embassy can help you to determine, if you require such a visa or not. In case, you require a visa, you have two ways to apply – Online or on paper. You need to fill the application form for a visitor visa & select Transit.

The candidate needs to visit the nearest visa applicant center for further procedure. The applicant needs to give his finger prints & photo (Biometrics) after you apply. The candidate can apply through online as it requires less processing time.

For more information, please visit wikipedia Transit_visas

Validity of Transit Visa

The validity of transit visa is not too long. All types of American transit visa such as C1, C2 & C3 are valid for a period maximum 29 days.