Track My Fitness Activity Daily in iPhone, iWatch & Android

Physical fitness is an essential aspect of life, and it is imperative that we understand what it takes to achieve it. While many people want to be fit, only a few are willing to put in the necessary effort. It’s a fact that everyone desires to go to heaven, but it takes courage to face death. Similarly, it takes determination and a willingness to learn to track our fitness activity. Therefore, it is crucial to educate ourselves on the components of fitness and take the necessary steps to achieve our goals confidently.

My Daily Fitness Activity

Defining fitness is difficult. The experts suggest that fitness is the ability to execute daily activities with optimum strength, endurance, and performance so that disease, stress, and fatigue gets reduced to the maximum limit possible.

Fitness activities are more than just exercise. Roaming in the house, doing yard work or walking with the dog, etc. are all physical activities. These are not included in the exercise, but these are also a part of fitness activity. So any activity that somehow affects health is considered a daily fitness activity.

For monitoring daily fitness activities some electronic wearable devices like smartwatches, wristbands, clip-on-devices, earbuds, etc. are being worn. One can make use of the Fitness Apps on their mobile phone which use the physical components of these devices to keep track of activities.

Track My Daily Fitness

How to Track Daily Fitness Activity on iPhone                    

There is a Fitness App for tracking daily activity for iPhone. This App keeps track of daily activity even if someone is not having an Apple Watch. Let us know how this App works.

  1. After downloading and installing the App, you will see your initials or picture on the top right corner of the App, just tap it.
  2. Tap the Health Details option.
  3. If you want to enter the details or change the details, tap a field and make the changes.
  4. Once you are done, click on the Done tab.

The best part about this App is that you can change the goal anytime. You can increase the bars or reduce them as per your requirement. Follow the steps discussed below to make changes to your goal

How to Change Goal for Daily Fitness in iPhone

  1. Tap the Summary section.
  2. In that section, you will find a section Activity Area. Tap on that.
  3. To increase or decrease the goal, just tap on the + and – radio buttons present on both sides of your set goal.
  4. Once set, tap on the Change Move Goal present at the bottom of the screen.

This App keeps the track of your every achievement and gives a weekly report every Monday. This helps to adjust the goals for the next week. You also get some suggestions about your goals based on your previous performance.

Fitness App makes use of motion sensors to note down the distance traveled, flights climbed, active calories burned, etc. Even if you are using a third-party App for any workout, the Fitness App will make a note of this in your Move ring.

If you see an overlapping ring, it means that you have crossed/exceeded your set goal. Keep on checking the Activity area to know your workouts, total steps, etc. You can even add a fitness Widget that will store the data of your daily activity directly.

How to Track My Workouts on iPhone Fitness App

Workouts can be tracked on iPhone only through a third-party App. There is no inbuilt mechanism in the iPhone for the same. Third-party App like Runkeeper, Nike Run Club, etc. helps to add Activity rings to your tracker. These Apps add the tracked activity on the Lock Screen from the Home Screen.

Your fitness is tracked with the help of several motion sensors. The third-party App makes use of these sensors and tracks the activities like distance covered, flights climbed, workouts are done, etc.

The data thus captured will be converted to calories (approximate) burnt. This ultimately adds to your move goal. The move ring will then be displayed. But you need an Apple Watch for this.

When the Apple watch is not paired with the Fitness App, it doesnt show Stand rings and Exercise rings. The trends section of the App showcases the activities from the last 6 months. A comparison statistics from the last year will also be made available so that you can compare the metrics and decidewhether you performing better or worse.

The awards section of the App has around 20 awards. Their awards are mostly based on your move goal. One award is for competition with friends.

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How to Track Daily Fitness Activity in Apple Watch

The Activity App of the Apple Watch is dedicated to tracking your fitness activities throughout the day. It tracks many things right from your steps to how often you stand up, how much you move, how much time you exercise etc.

The three colored rings of the App summarize everything. This is a motivation for those who want to be fit. It motivates them to sit less, do some exercise, move more and more, and complete each ring every day. Some of the data shown by the App are –

  • Stand Minutes
  • Flights Climbed
  • Walk distance
  • Exercise Minutes
  • Active Calories

How to Start Using an Apple Watch for Fitness Activity

  1. Activity App on Apple watch is preinstalled. Just open that App.
  2. Now, swipe to the left side of the Watch. By doing this, you will be able to get information like exercise time, movement, description of standing, etc. You just need to tap on the section in which you are interested.
  3. Digital crown is a feature in the App which is used to set age, sex, height, weight, etc. If you are using a wheelchair, you can enter the description of that also.
  4. Now, choose the level of the activity and then start to move.

The three rings on the Application

The track of your activity is shown with the help of the three rings. The red ring is to show how many calories are burned. The green ring is to show how fast or good level of activity have you managed to do. The blue ring shows that in the day how many times you have moved one minute per hour.

Note  – If you have specified the use of a wheelchair, the Blue ring becomes a full Roll ring.

Track My Fitness Activity On Android

Nowadays there are endless Apps on the Android Play Store that helps to know about your fitness like how many calories you have burned, and how far you have gone.

GPS, Accelerometer, etc. are some of the on-device sensors that help to track all of your activities and motivates you to get going. Different applications on the play store monitor different body activities like heart rate, sugar, walking activities, etc.

Some of the android Apps that are widely used are Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Strava GPS, Runkeeper, etc. Here, I am enlisting a few good applications

1. My Fitness Pal –It has options like Calories Remaining and Nutrition. This will help you to have a look at your calorie intake. There are two tabs – Nutrients and Macro. One tab helps you to have a break up of the calorie in three heads – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and second – it helps to have a break up of calories under heads like – protein, carbs, fiber, sugar, etc.

2. Instant Heart Rate – This App accurately record your heart rate. If your phone has an inbuilt heart rate monitor, you dont need the App, but if you dont have it on your device, install it. This App uses the Camera sensors of your device to monitor heart rate.

3. JEFIT –It is an App that helps you to stay focussed at Gym. It features weightlifting programs of varied kinds. This App notes various things like gaps between the lifts, types of lifts, lifting progress, etc. You can compare your progress against your friends as well.

4. Couch 2 5K – This App supports running programs for the beginner. This App guides a beginner through various activities like warm-ups, runs, etc. It guides you according to your level of fitness. The best part is that this App integrates with MyFitnessPal App. It helps to track and adjust your calories based on the amount of exercise you do.

5.BMI Calculator – This App helps you to calculate the body mass index and give you an idea about the bodys mass composition. It gives you an idea about the percentage of fat in your body.

The above Apps are just a few Apps found useful by me. There are endless Apps on the App Store, you can browse, download, install, and try these Apps as per your requirement for sure.

How to Track My Daily Workouts Activity through Google Fit: Activity Tracking App

Android widgets help you to track the data of your workouts very effectively. Google Fit is one such App that provides multiple widgets. These widgets show fitness-related information in the form of stats. Your bike rides runs, walks, soccer activities, skiing, etc. activities are all tracked on Google Fit.

With the help of the Google Fit App, which uses multiple sensors, one can track many things like –

  • Activity information
  • Body Sensor Information
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Sleep Information
  • Location Data

But, to get all these statistics, one has to give some information in advance like – height, weight, age, gender, etc.

Google Fit Real Time Stats

If you want to get the real times stats and hear the real-time stats, just follow the steps discussed below

  1. Open the Google Fit App.
  2. There will be an Add+ button on the App, tap it and then tap on Track Workout.
  3. The activity that you want to be tracked needs to be selected with the help of the down arrow. So select the correct activity.
  4. Now, tap the option Start Workout. It is better to carry the phone in a pocket instead of a backpack, as it helps to measure the data accurately.
  5. If you want to hear the real-time stats, go to the home page of the Google Fit App. There, you will find the Profile option at the bottom of the page. Tap on that and then tap the Settings option present at the top of the page.

You will then see the Workouts section. Open it and then tap the Spoken Announcement option. From here, turn on the announcements, if you want to hear the real–time stats.

Sync Google Fit with Other Apps

The good thing about Google Fit is that you can sync Other Apps with this App. It uses Google Account to store the information. Well, the process to connect the Apps differsbased onthe type of App, but in general, you can try the process discussed below to share the data from a third-party App to Fit.

  1. Open the App which you want to connect with Fit.
  2. Now, search for the Settings menu and tap it.
  3. You will then find various options depending on the Apps, like – Apps and devices, Manage connections, link other devices, etc.
  4. Explore the options, use the onscreen instructions, and connect it with Google Fit.

Some of the Apps that work efficiently with Google Fit are Headspace, Blood Pressure Diary, calorie counter, Wahoo Fitness, Fitiofit, Element, Home Workout, etc.