Studio Apartments in UK, Complete Guide for Overseas Employee

What is Studio Apartments in the UK, How to Book the apartment, Why Preferable for Overseas Employee in the United Kingdom? Let’s check the detailed information…

The United Kingdom is well known to be a paradise for the IT, Marketing and tech-savvy employees who either pursue their education in PG to obtain massively playing jobs, while there are many who are posted in the UK for on-site projects that turn their lives into a dream come true with a huge hike in salary and bonus for living.

But the cost of living is similarly high as the salary increases because the food you buy in India is available for 3x the cost which can hamper your monthly budget and put a dent in salary, while the main reason is the cost of staying and living, which correlates to the place that you stay.

In this article we will explain to you more about the Studio Apartments and how these smaller but more desired apartments are ruling and are the first choice for every emigrant from Indian or someone who is working as an overseas employee in the UK.

What is a Studio Apartment?

Luxury comes in different forms and when you live in the United Kingdom every house, apartment, flat that you look at has eloquent designs. But what matters is the size and a studio apartment means a single room in a large space which is combined with your kitchen, bedroom, dining and seating area together.

At the same time the size of such an apartment is small when compared to 1 bedroom or double bedroom apartments, One of the key vital reasons why such smaller sized apartments who have all rooms combined are making the surface and are liked by all overseas employees in the UK is because of the low cost that they need.

On the other hand, small size also means low cost of maintenance. Generally the studio apartment has Kitech and a large area that is widespread across that you may divided into 3 different parts mainly as it seems feasible to you.

The first would be Bedroom where you only have to put your bed, then the common area or the couch space and next is the dining area where you will have your dining table.

How can you book a Studio Apartment in the UK – Online & Offline Focused Methods?

So now that you are sure that booking a Studio Apartment is the right option for you then you can follow the below instructions that can help you understand how to book one for yourself.

Online Source to book Studio Apartment

We have listed some of the most used and popular sites (apps as well) which feature hundreds of apartments throughout the United Kingdom, All you have to do is go to the below sites or apps then find the apartment which best suits your price range and select it for an offline checkup.

  • RightMove
  • Zoopla
  • OnTheMarket
  • Gumtree
  • Spareroom
  • Unilodgers
  • HousingAnywhere
  • Studios2Let
  • AirBnB

Offline Process – Confirming the Studio Apartment

Though you can first select the apartment from online and even make the payment beforehand, it is advisable and mandatory for everyone to check their apartments to be rented by the agent or the landlord.

It is up to you to make the payment either through the app or site you have searched the apartment, but the main thing to check is that you make a contract with your landlord, agent, site or app used for the proof of monthly rent to be paid, maintenance costs included, and get a predefined chart of costs that might occur over the time under various ways.

Requirements for Renting or Booking Studio Apartment in London?

There are few essential requirements that anyone willing to book an apartment has to follow.

  • They should have a valid VISA – Type of visa has to be explained
  • Most of the landlords require a guarantee of your company for the down payment and contract of the apartment
  • Advance payment is necessary
  • The United Kingdom provided temporary or permanent ID proof and citizenship card xerox has to be provided

Why is it Preferred for Overseas Employees in the UK to Rent Studio Apartments?

If you are someone who is working as an Individual in the United Kingdom then it is favorable for you to opt-in for a Studio Apartment simply because it offers you all the luxury of a massive house in one go.

While it ensures that your cost of living is low since these hardly cost £300 – £500 at max in the mid of the London area.

Another essential reason why such a Studio Apartment is favored by the young minds who are working overseas in the UK is that doors are a constraint and with no walls, it’s easier to work, sleep and move around the house which is one of the key findings from this.

The next reason why someone should book such apartments is because in the foreign, which includes The United Kingdom, The United States, Australia & other developed countries.

The apartments include the furniture as well and come with all the basic amenities, and it means once you book a Studio Apartment then the cost of booking or the rent per month includes the cost for the apartment, the cost for the gas, the cost for the electricity & water as well.

While you get free furniture that includes a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and other basics which sometimes depend on the landlord. Next, you receive a fully furnished couch and bed on the go that you don’t have to pay separately for as well.

A normal comparison between an average Studio Apartment vs 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom shows that such apartments are 3 times less than the normal ones.

Apartment TypeMinimum Cost per Month in £Average Cost per Month in £Maximum Cost per Month in £
Studio Apartment300350500
1 Bedroom/ Single Bedroom Apartment80012501500
2 Bedroom/ Double Bedroom Apartment125015002000
Full House150020002500

At the end of the day if you do not have any room mate then living in a Studio Apartment ensures that your privacy is secured with yourself while you have to pay the least cost that helps you to save from your budget.

Note: Please note that the cost for a UK Studio Apartments or any other place also varies with the region that you are looking for in the United Kingdom. The prices we have used in this article are for central london where the prices are high, so you can assume that for areas away from central London the prices can vary steeply in both the ways.