Railway Employee Pass Application for Home or Foreign Lines

Presenting Indian Railway employee pass application form for sanction of Pass to Class, School Privilege, Complimentary Passes over Home and Foreign lines, Check the conditions to apply for Railway pass… Indian Railways employees who are on their trip to a new place can get the passes from the Department, and if you’re an employee of

Railway Employee Applications | Download Now

List of 42 Railway employee applications available now on live| just download the required railway employee application to submit to authorities… Railways are spread across all corners of India and there are lakhs of employees working for them daily. Indian holding a large Railways line for transportation, major industries, and companies do depend on Railways

LARGESS Application for Retirement in Indian Railways

Application for LARGESS is enclosed, Check the requirements and download the form to apply through proper channel… The full form is LARGESS is “Liberalised Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff”. The Indian Railways gives a fair opportunity for every individual working in its various departments under safety categories for using the Appreciation

Inter Divisional or Inter Railway Mutual Transfer Application

Presenting the new application format of Railway employee mutual transfer in case of Inter Railway or Inter Divisional, Check the process and submission requirements… The Indian Railway organization has thousands of employees all across Indian and over the offices with various departments that you switch between, and If you are working in one of the

Railway Employee Transfer Application for 3 Types

Find here the new transfer application form for Railway employee regarding Inter Railway, Inter Divisional and Inter-Departmental Transfers, Check the submission requirements to submit… This form can be used if an employee in the railway sector wants to transfer to another Railway (from SCR to NCR) in India as Inter Railway. Can be used if