Pension Payment Order with PPO Number, Find PPO Status

An Individual who recognized as a pensioner under the Pension scheme may given a Pension Payment Order Number. The PPO number is a 12 digit unique number for EPF holders which issued to each pensioner differently. This may used to recognize each pensioner and to provide them facilities.

Pension scheme, a government recognized financial support, which given to an employee after their retirement. Through PPO, every individual, a part of employee provident fund enrolled with Pension directly by employer or employee can directly get themselves register.

Pension is a savings fund for the employee after their employment age, which kept secured in their pension account.

What is Pension Payment Order

You might be having a question that what is PPO actually right? PPO full form is Pension Payment Order. So, the Central Pension Account office issues the PPO of 12 digits to every pension account holder.

The first five digits of the PPO do represent the PPO Issuing authority code number and the next two digits will be the year of issue.

The next four digits after this may represent as the PPO sequential number which followed by the last digit acting as a computer check digit. Thus by decoding the 12 digit codes, this may clearly checked when and where the PPO number issued.

How to Find Pension Payment Order in EPF India

If you want to know your Pension Payment Order, then you can just follow the below process to know the 12 digits assigned to your pension account.

  1. Go to the official website of employee provident fund India
  2. Use as direct URL Link to visit the website
  3. Under online services, tap on Pensioner portal option listed
  4. Find new page as welcome to pensioner’s portal loaded
  5. Tap on Click to know your PPO number from right side
  6. Provide your account number of bank or PF number
  7. Once verified, you will receive your PPO number
  8. Details of pension account with member ID may listed on screen

With this PPO number only, pensioner can check the Pension status on web or with the pension disbursing authority.

  1. Why Pensioner require Pension Payment Order?

    When applying for pension amount or for any advance in respect to the pension account, the PPO must provided. Only using these 12 digit codes, the individual pension account will be verified and further processed.

  2. What is the percentage of contribution in the pension scheme by an employee?

    An employee does have to contribute 12 percent from their basic salary in the pension scheme every month. This amount gets add with an equal amount of share from the employer and thus gets accumulate in the pension account.

  3. Does PPO changed anytime?

    Once a 12 digit Pension Payment Order issued for an employee, it will be the same forever. As even the employee changes the job, the same number transferred to the new employer but no changes applied.

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1 thought on “Pension Payment Order with PPO Number, Find PPO Status”

  1. The PPO profile is not updated to reflect family pensioner’s name but PPO number is only reflecting only the deceased employee pensioner.
    Considerable hardship to get LC for family holder through Door Step Banking is faced
    This is in case of my mother aged 87 & immobile.


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