Maharashtra Bank Holidays 2021 declared as per NI Act

No.PHD. 1119/C. R.69/Desk-29 – In exercise of the powers entrusted to it by the Government Of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Vide its Notification No.39/I/68/JUDI-3, dated of the 8th May 1968, the Government of Maharashtra hereby declares the following days as Public Holidays in the State of Maharashtra during the calendar year 2021

Maharashtra Bank Holidays List
Name of the Bank HolidayDateDaySaka Date
Republic Day26th January 2021Tuesday6 Magh, 1942
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti19th February 2021Friday30 Magh, 1942
Mahashivatri11th March 2021Thursday20 Phalguna, 1942
Holi (Second Day)29th March 2021Monday8 chaitra, 1943
Good Friday2nd april 2021Friday12 chaitra, 1943
Gudhi Padwa13th April 2021Tuesday23 chaitra, 1943
To enable to Banks to Close their yearly accounts1st April 2021Thursday11 Chaitra, 1943
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanthi14th April 2021Wednesday24 Chaitra, 1943
Ram Navmi21st April 2021Wednesday1 vaishakha, 1943
Ramzan-id (id-ui-fitr) (shawal-1)13th may 2021Thursday23 Vaishakha, 1943
Buddha Pournima26th may 2021Wednesday5 Jeshtha, 1943
Bakri id (id-ui-fitr (shawal-1)13th may 2021Wednesday23 Vaishakha, 1943
Parsi new year (Shaheshahi)16th August 2021Monday25 Shravana, 1943
Moharm19th August 2021Thursday28 shravana, 1943
Ganesh Chaturthi10th September 2021Friday19 Bhadra, 1943
Dasara15th October 2021Friday23 Ashvina 1943
Id-E-Milad19th October 2021Tuesday27 Ashvina, 1943
Diwali Amavasaya (Laxmi Pujan)4th November 2021Thursday13 Kartika, 1943
Diwali (Bali Pratipada)5th November 2021Friday14  Kartika, 1943
Guru Nanak Jayanti19th November 2021Friday28 kartika, 1943

The following holiday’s falls on Saturday ad sunday

Mahavir Jayathi25th April 2021Sunday5 Vaishakha, 1943
Maharashtra Din1st May 2021Saturday11 Vaishakha, 1943
Independence Day15th August 2021Sunday24 Shravana, 1943
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi2nd October 2021Saturday10 Ashvina, 1943
Christmas25th December 2021Saturday4 Pausha, 1943

The holidays listed under (A) above are notified as public holidays under section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (XXVI of 1881).