Lump Sum Calculator to Plan your Investment for Wealth Gain

If you’re aware of Mutual Funds directions thoroughly, then it will be easy to understand about Lump Sum Calculator and its usage, As in mutual Funds Investments there are two types of investment made as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and Lump Sum.

LumpSum investment can be briefly described when an investor has invested a good sum of amount in mutual fund scheme, and the Systematic Investment Plan can be described, as when an investor smaller portion of amount in mutual funds on specified interval of period.

The investment under Lump Sum and SIP has different strategies in fundraise accordingly having share of benefits, and the investors preferring to have a good return value, will almost always go with lumpsum investment, and this type of investment involves lesser known variables and the returns are obviously are higher than other plans.

To get the return value with the Lump Sum investment type, then you can go through to use LumpSum calculator, and this calculator will give a value that is the total estimated return on amount deposited under particular Mutual Fund Scheme. Don’t compare Lump Sum calculation with other investment calculation, as the formula and compounded values differs a lot.

Type of Returns Calculated using Lump Sum Calculator

Investor involved Mutual Funds Investment, can freely use this available LumpSum Calculator to calculate their fixed returns, and the type of return values that and Lump Sum Calculator provides are described below.

  • Total Return on Investment Amount for whole tenure selected
  • Point to Point return for particular regular intervals as quarterly or yearly or half-yearly
  • Absolute return calculated to described in case of emergency for limited time
  • Annualized Return when calculated with year in consideration despite of compound interested added
  • Rolling Return with rate of Interest variation which is subject to mutual funds values
  • Trailing Return when calculated with Mutual Funds varying value

This is how an investor can calculator type of returns they can assume, for the investment made using Lump Sum Investment scheme.

Benefits of Lump Sum Calculator

As types of returns are quite clear with above description, hope it would be great if you come to know about Benefits of LumpSum Calculator, and thus, having considered different return values below is list of benefits that might push investors to prefer Lump Sum Investment process.

  • Calculate estimated return values for total investment period along with investment gained at individual years
  • Calculation using Lumpsum Calculator is easy for everyone, as input values are simple to be filled
  • Total estimated return can be almost accurate, as mutual fund investments are subject to market risk
  • Future investment can be planned with the return values calculated using this current investment plan

A better plan for holding or withdrawing the invested amount under Mutual Fund Scheme can be assumed with Lump Sum Calculated Value.

Lump Sum Calculator Formula

There are many online calculate that can be found to calculate your desired return value using the Lumpsum Calculator, but we have the formula used by them. The values here can be inserted as described with their description to calcite the final return value. The compound interest variable can be seen in this formula, which gives accurate desired estimated value.

Lump Sum Calculator Formula => A = P (1 + r/n) ^ not


  • A = Estimated Return (Final Value)
  • P = Present Value
  • r = Rate of Return
  • t = Duration of Investment (months or years)
  • n = Number of Compounded Interest In a year

The given values need to fill as per the desired expected returns based on duration or time interval. The Final Value may different slightly with the Actual Return, as mutual funds are subjected to market risk. The values entered into this formula are to be correct, as any change in years or some other values will give you a result value, which will be wrong.

How to Use Lump Sum Calculator with an Example

We bring a simple example with few calculated values that will help you as an example for your calculation. Assume as the investment amount is Rs.15, 00,000/- and Mutual Fund Return rate of 12% followed for a period of 5 years. The compound value to be calculated for every 6 months.

The Estimated Return A = Rs. 15, 00,000 (1+22/21) ^2/5

A = Rs 25,43,513.

The Formula is a little complicated and might look lengthy with multiple things going on. This is how Lump Sum Calculator works on and thus with invest of 15, 00,000 Rs at the end of 5 years you amount will be Rs. 25, 43,513/-

Thus, provide the values asked with accurate figures and reset will be done with the formula. Any mismatch in the values will directly differ your actual estimated return.

Advantages of Lump Sum Calculator

This Full investment Mutual Funds calculator is more beneficial to plan for future and current investment. This are must to be read lines, as if you’re ahead of investing for the first time. It is a must to know the advantages you will get by using this type of investment method in Mutual Funds.

  • A calculator like this will provide a slight accurate value of return on investment, making yourself sure for returns
  • A plan for the future can be laid with the investment return that were calculated using the initial investment and rate of interest
  • It is preferred to go with online calculator available, as doing for different values manually will eat your long time

Lump Sum Calculator is all about giving a plan for future with most considered variations. As always, the full amount investment is always a risk, using this Lumpsum Calculator investor will be cautious to his funds invested.

It has been provided that Lump sum investment has actually made high returns in history despite some minutes loses. This process allows a final investor to invest some amount and grow it to huge sum with planned investments. It is suggested that Mutual Funds investment must be done by having a good through study.