How to Use AirTags with Android

AirTags are designed to work with Apple devices and they communicate with Apple’s Find My network. If you want to connect AirTags with Android devices, there are third-party apps or workarounds available to connect them.

Discover how to effectively use AirTags with your Android device and explore alternative options that can help you keep track of your belongings.


What is AirTag

AirTag is a small tracking device developed by Apple. It is designed for users to locate and track their belongings. The AirTag is a small device with a white front and a silver back.

It uses Bluetooth technology to connect and communicate with nearby Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers.

When connected to an item like keys, wallets, bags, or backpack, the AirTag can be tracked using the Find My app on Apple devices.

AirTag has a built-in speaker that can be operated from the Find My app, allowing users to play a sound to help locate a nearby AirTag. If an AirTag is misplaced or lost, users can activate Lost Mode in the Find My app.

Do AirTags Work With Android

Apple introducing a new feature called Find My Network Accessory Program. There is no official confirmation or announcement from Apple regarding AirTags’ compatibility with Android devices.

It would allow third-party manufacturers to create products. By this program, we shouldaccess Android devices to locate and track items with the help of AirTags.

How to Use AirTags With Android?

To use AirTags with android,follow the below steps.

  1. Download and install any third-party app from Google Play Store to support AirTags or Apple’s Find My network, like Find My Bluetooth Device or Airtag Tracker etc.,
  2. Open settings
  3. Turn on Bluetooth and location services (AirTags use Bluetooth and location for communication and tracking purposes)
  4. Open the third-party app you downloaded and pair the AirTag with your Android device by following the app instructions.
  5. After AirTag successfully paired, you should be able to track its location.
  6. The app may provide a map interface that shows the last location.

Note: Using AirTags with Android devices through third-party apps may offer limited functions compared to using them with Apple devices. The level of compatibility and features may vary depending on the app you choose.

How to Scan for AirTags on Android

To scan for AirTags on Android, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Download and install the third-party Bluetooth scanner app in your android.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth in your device and check for the local devices.
  3. Open the third-party app and Tap on the scan button
  4. The app will search for nearby Bluetooth devices, including AirTags if any are within range.
  5. The app should display a list of detected Bluetooth devices.
  6. Look for the AirTag or any device labeled as an AirTag in the list.
  7. The app may provide additional details such as the device’s name, signal strength, or distance.
  8. Now the AirTag will be successfully scanned in your android device.

How to Scan an AirTag on Android?

To scan an AirTag on Android, you can follow the given steps.

  1. Tap the white side of the AirTag on your Android device.
  2. Place the AirTag against the NFC reader in your Android
  3. If the AirTag is successfully read, your phone launch a webpage automatically and your AirTag will be scan on Android.
  4. If your AirTag has been lost, you will see the owner-provided phone number or message.

Note: If you can not locate the reader, contact the phone manufacturer for further information.

AirTag Alternatives for Android Users?

If you are an Android user looking for alternatives to AirTags, there are several Bluetooth tracking devices available, that can help you to locate and keep track of your belongings. They are as shown in below.


Tile is one of the most well-known Bluetooth tracking device brands.

They offer various models, such as Tile Mate, Tile Pro, and Tile Slim, which can be attached to different items or placed in wallets, bags, or keychains.

Tile devices can be tracked using the Tile app in your Android device.


Chipolo is another Bluetooth tracking device brand.

They offer devices like Chipolo ONE and Chipolo CARD that can be attached to items or slipped into wallets.

The Chipolo devices can be tracked using the Chipolo app available for Android.

Samsung SmartTag

Samsung offers the SmartTag, a Bluetooth tracking device that works well with Samsung Galaxy devices. It can be attached to various items and tracked using the SmartThings Find app in Android.

Nutale Focus Smart Tracker

Nutale offers the Focus Smart Tracker, which is a compact Bluetooth tracking device. It can be tracked using the Nut app in your Android.

Pixie Point

Pixie Point is a Bluetooth tracking solution that combines augmented reality (AR) technology with tracking devices. The Pixie Points can be attached to items, and you can use the Pixie app on your Android device to locate them using AR visuals.

If you’re looking for Bluetooth tracking devices that work with Android, here are some great options to consider. Each brand offers its own unique set of features and benefits.